[VIDEO] Super Junior – My Love, My Kiss, My Heart – MILES – English Cover

My Love, My Kiss, My Heart – MILES
Super Junior
English Cover
Credits: MILES4fold @ YT

Found this nice cover while I was trolling around in YT. Kudos to these girls! I just wanted to share with you people. I hope you guys like it too ^^-xinlady


It’s About Time That We Do Something For Teuk.

Sorry, I just thought that I should share this here. :) The deadline’s nearing anyway, so please grant me a favor. Help us and spread the word. Thank you!



On July 1, 2011, it will be exactly 29 years since an angel was sent down to heaven. His destiny was written and it was stated there that he will not just be the leader of the world’s biggest boyband; but also, he would serve as an inspiration to millions of fangirls and fanboys alike.

For five years, as a member and leader of Super Junior, Park Jungsoo has been a part of our lives. With him, we shared constant laughter and tears. From him, we gained strength to continue enjoying the life that was given to all of us. He became a living proof that miracles do exist.

So isn’t it about time that we do something to give back?

You see, Teuk loves kids so much. It might have been a rare thing for him to discuss but on several pictures where Teuk is with a child, you’ll see the joy in his eyes.


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생일축하합니다! 生日快樂! お誕生日おめでとうございます! Maligayang Bati! Happy Birthday!❤

Well hello there dear readers! Today’s the birthday of SARAH a.k.a ICEPLUSCOFFEE. The maker/owner of this awesome blog! This post is not SuJu related but then it’s valid since she brings SuJu news and tidbits to everyone! Sarah dear, THANK YOU for being a friend, a sister, an ELF, and a spazz buddy to me and to everyone else! I don’t know how to make that thingy in the side (like what you did during my birthday!) so please bear with me. Thank You so much for accepting me to help you here! \(^o^)/ I really wish to meet you soon and ate angel ^^ oh and also the other authors for the blog! ^^ Stay pretty and awesome! Enjoy the day and party like a rockstar! LOL! *HUG* You know I tend to talk a lot so I’ll end my post before people get bored ^^ I can’t give you a tangible gift, so just a gif spam of Hee!Oh! please feel free to add your birthday wishes!

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[VIDEO] Taiwan ELF’s Cupido Project for Super Junior-M 2011.04.07

Taiwan ELF Cupido Project for Super Junior-M 2011.04.07
CR: nistac&keiaku85@youtube.com | shared by one_love @ sj-world.net
Thank you to c_maple@twitter for the info!

In the morning

At Night

Taiwan ELF has put up this video to be played every hour, 7am until 11pm, everyday from 4/7 until 4/20 at the ZhongShan and MinQuan Intersection to congratulate SJM.

[AUDIO] Super Junior-M Perfection Parody (by Taiwan ELFs about Heechul) 2011.03.16

Super Junior-M Perfection Parody 2011.03.16
by Taiwan ELFs about Heechul
With Translation
Credits: SS3之愛希大【太完美版】(lyrics by Taiwan ELF)
credits: megluvsj@YT
原曲: Super Junior M – 太完美
詞: @chiahuei from PTT SJ版(Taiwan ELF)
唱: megluvsj
pic: 희님’s twitter (@Heedictator)



[VIDEO] Cassey Talks About Her SS3 Manila Experience 2011.03.10

Cassey Talks About Her SS3 Manila Experience 2011.03.10
Credits: mnaomisjh @ yt
Shared by: cheehui_95 @ sj-world.net

She’s one lucky kid!Her first kiss! ^o^ She’s just adorable! Just wanted to share with you too!-xin

[AUDIO] Super Junior – Shake It Up – JD Relic Mini-cover

Shake It Up – JD Relic Mini-cover
Super Junior
Credits: ashilia4life @ yt

Uploader’s Note: This is our first Mini-cover. For those of you who don’t know, we are going to be releasing more covers by doing mini-covers. So what is a mini-cover? It is a cover about over a minute or so… not the full song. So if you want us to release the “Full” cover then help us spread the love and when the video reaches 50,000 views then we will release the full song. visit the channel here. ^^

[NEWS] Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Ranks #1 On Taiwan’s ‘KKBOX’ For 38 Weeks

Super Junior has once again proven their clout as one of Korea’s top Hallyu groups, as it was revealed that their fourth album, “Bonamana“, maintained its #1 position on Taiwan’s biggest online music site,KKBOX, for an astounding 38 weeks!

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