This is a bit late, but, ugh.. I’ve got no excuse.

6 years have passed by.. I’ve been in this fandom for so long but I’m still unable to say the things that goes inside my mind. Words will never be able to convey what I really feel (because I suck in writing).. But one thing is for sure – I love them ♥

I just miss the days when there were 13 of them performing on stage..

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1st Mindanao SM Town Gathering – A Success!

photo by Ivy Gleianne Ramos

Last September 25, 2011, fans from Mindanao has gathered at the Stadium Buffet Restaurant and Sports Lounge located at Matina, Davao City. The event was made possible  thanks to the organizers from Cass Davao, Mindanao ELF, and Soshi Davao. Tickets were sold out!

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[2011.07.15] Icepluscoffee’s Post

SORRY. I’ve been MIA for more than a month without any prior notice. Due to various reasons, I was unable to update. I got busy with online shop and adjusting with my new schedule for class.

Please help me cope up with SJ updates.. for now here are the things I know I’ve missed for the span of time I was MIA:

.. M&D ♥
.. M&D At 2011 Mnet 20′s Choice
.. Heechul no longer hosts Youngstreet (is this true?)
.. Sungmin casted as lead in the musical Jack The Ripper
.. SM Town overload ^^
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[2011.04.11] Icepuscoffee’s Post

Heya everyone!

How’s everyone? I’m back again with another boring ‘Icepluscoffee Post’. Finally, after months of attempting to open-up an online shop, I can finally say that we are now in the process of setting-up the site. We’re just finalizing the site’s layout and other necessary things that needs to be done before we can officially open. Most of our products are handmade and each and every item have been personally designed by us. However, the shop doesn’t have any relation to K-pop nor ‘ICEPLUSCOFFEE’. But maybe, in the future, we could release items  inspired by Super Junior as both of us are ELFs by ♥. Anyway, here are some of the items that we will be releasing:

cellphone charms

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[2011.02.14] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Hi readers who are still here

HAPPY HEARTS DAY! I hope you’re all doing fine. :)

Well, this is just a quickie post. I still have classes and an exam till 9pm for today.

Anyway, I know I’ve been neglecting this place!   Things just got waaaay out of my hands, I got so busy with school and all! I’ve obviously missed out a looot of birthday posts and galore posts. I’ll try to catch-up and make it up to you guys! Swear! Continue Reading

[2010.12.30] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Heya everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted an entry like this. The last one was dated November 6, 2010. :) As always, I’ve been really busy with school and stuff for the last few months. Finally, it’s Christmas break! YESSSS! I’m finally free from all school projects for now.. and YES, I’ll be updating regularly for the next few days and I hope I’d be able to do a good job on it. HAHAHA Continue Reading

[2010.11.06] Icepluscoffee’s Post

I was clicking some links on twitter and found this photo.
I really don't know who I should credit ^^

Today was definitely something new. It was my first time to spend Super Junior’s anniversary with others. In the past, I’d just buy something sweet (a cake or a chocolate bar) and just spazz, watch videos & performances and just call it a day with  Super Junior. But, today, it was definitely something new. Continue Reading

[2010.07.31] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Weee. Finally, Icepluscoffee’s Post! okay, i know I’m the only one excited about this. haha. It’s been months since I last posted an entry like this. Another exaggeration, truth is.. I wrote an entry like this last  July 3, 2010.

Aaaw, they look good together.
Shindong’s girlfriend is really cute.

I was re-watching Super Junior videos today and stumbled on a lot of Hankyung-Heechul videos. And then I realized how much I miss Hankyung. I was actually laying down in my bed this afternoon thinking about what could have happen if Hankyung didn’t leave Super Junior, what Hankyung was really thinking when he left Super Junior and was he selfish to leave the group or was it fair for him to do so? Yes, Hankyung have gone through a lot of pain. I know that, we know that, we all do. It’s just sad to know that he’ll never come back as a member of the great boy band Super Junior.

Since Heechul is in Beijing now, I wonder if he’s going to meet up with Hankyung there?! I hope he’d post photos on his twitter if it does happen.

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[2010.07.03] Icpeluscoffee’s Post



I was watching their performance yesterday and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. Promise! You could ask my sister how weird I looked like in front of the computer. THEY’RE ALL SMILING and giving winks and kisses to the camera. They were so playful, specially Leeteuk. The performance kinda gives me the impression  of ‘Marry U’ days since the stage looks and feels lighter. right? or is it just me? HAHA XD  I definitely loved the performance. AND, I prefer ‘No Other’ over ‘Bonamana’ simply because they seemed to look happier.

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[2010.06.20] Icepluscoffee’s Post

It’s been a while since I last posted up an entry like this. There’s a loooot of things that I reaallyy want to spazz about but I’ll only write 3 of it + some concerns :)

Heechul-Sohee on Family Outing!!

Heechul treating Sohee as princess & taking the punishment for her!! OMG! I’ve never seen Heechul like Continue Reading

[2010.05.23] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Kangin: “I’m sorry and I’ll be back healthy and well.. 13 of us will be on stage in 2 years so please wait without having an affair”

 Credit: sj-market
 Translated by Chrissy @


Truthfully, I was caught off guard when you said you’d be enlisting soon to the military. Continue Reading

[2010.05.22] Icepluscoffee’s Post

You guys know how much I love fanmade videos, or maybe not. haha.  Well, I found another one that is worth to be watched (based on my standards) ^^

Part1 & 2 definitely shows how Super Junior are super playful on stage. Gah, I miss those days :)

Super Junior’s Funny Moments & Cute Mistakes
During Live Performances + Compilation



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[2010.05.04] Icepluscoffee’s Post

This month of MAY .. seriously, I do not know what to expect. Super Junior’s 4th album is coming yet only 10 members are participating in it.  Hankyung’s said ‘press conference’ will also be held this month, I actually feel uneasy whenever I think of what could happen on that day. Kangin will be enlisting soon into the army and he’ll be gone for 2 years. And Kibum, what the heck, his focusing on acting.  Why not put him in a TV drama so we could at least see him two to three times a week on television?

BITTERSWEET. It is somehow sad that there will only be ten members performing on stage for their comeback. Continue Reading

[2010.04.06] Icepluscoffee’s Post :)

I’m changing the title from ‘Icepluscoffee Speaks Up…’
to ‘Icepluscoffee’s Post :)’

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