[NEWS] 2012.06.01 Twitter Updates-Eunhyuk Shares Pictures Of His Dog

@AllRiseSilver: “Fancy outing,*

Source: Eunhyuk’s Official Twitter(AllRiseSilver)


[NEWS] [PIC] 2012.05.21 Yesung and SNSD’S Sunny Meet Ledgendary Producer Quincy Jones

SNSD’s Sunny and Super Junior’s Yesung posed for pictures with ledgendary producer Quincy Jones at the SMTOWN After Party.

Quincy Jones is a famous for numerous reasons in the American music industry. He has won 27 Grammy awards and produced Michael Jackson‘s album ‘Thriller‘, which is the best-selling album of all-time with over 110 million copies sold worldwide.

Yesung proudly uploaded the pictures to his Twitter page.

Source: allkpop, Yesung’s Official Twitter (@shyfly3424)

[NEWS] 2012.05.18 Leeteuk’s Twitter Updates- On The Way To America

Recent airplane photos of Leeteuk and Yesung on the way to California for SMTOWN LA show that the two seem inseparable when it comes to plane spots.

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[NEWS] 2012.05.15 Heechul’s Twitter Updates- Playing ‘League Of Ledgends’

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul shared a photo he took with actor Jung Eui Chul.

The singer recently posted the above photo on his Twitter page and wrote, “Double Chul. Playing lol with Eui Chul. Ah, I can feel a mental breakdown coming on.”

By ‘lol’, Heechul was referring to the popular online game ‘League of Legends‘. The boys were dressed very casually, intensely focused on their computer game.

Kim Heechul is currently serving as a Korean military public service worker at the Seongdong District Office.

Source : Heechul‘s Twitter (@heedictator)

[NEWS] 12.05.08 Eunhyuk Poses With His Parents For Parents’ Day

Super Junior’s Dancing Machine posed cutely with his parents for Parents’ Day.

He uploaded the cute selca of he and his parents to his Twitter with the cheeky tweet, “I love you, dad and mom! I suppose you’re really fortunate because you have a son like me! I also want to have a son like me in the future. I cannot forget your smiling faces after you got some money from me. I worked really hard for it so don’t waste it, please!”

He looks just like his mother doesn’t he?

Source: Eunhyuk’s Official Twitter (@AllRiseSilver)

[PIC] [TRANS] 2012.05.04 Siwon’s Twitter Updates- Recording For 6th Studio Album

*Trans: Recording our 6th album, after finishing our tight schedule ^^. I finished my schedule in Korea with a lot of energy this time^^.
Trans. credits: MTVK
Source: Siwon’s Twitter (@siwon407)

[TRANS] 2012.01.31 Heechul’s Twitter Updates- Scarf From Sulli

heedictator: 佳神~!! 又回来了!! 刚刚和 ‘雪梨’ 一起看了电影~ 可爱的妹妹还买了围巾送给我~ :) </p><p>[TRANS] Heedictator: God Jia~!! Came back again!! Just went to watch movie with ‘Sulli’~ Cute sister even bought a scarf for me~ :) (credits: heequeenTing)

TRANS: Heedictator: God Jia~!! Came back again!! Just went to watch movie with ‘Sulli’~ Cute sister even bought a scarf for me~ :)

Trans. credits: heequeenTING

heedictator: Scarf and glove for christmas present and these were handmade by 설리. Thank you my little sister. 설리 is truth~

*originally tweeted in English

Source: Heechul’s Twitter (Heedictator)

[PIC] Super Junior Pose With Their Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19

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[TRANS] Donghae’s Twitter Update 2012.01.17 – Make Way For Super Junior

TRANS: Super Junior coming out!! Get out of the way!!

Source: Donghae’s Twitter (donghae861015)
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[TRANS] Leeteuk’s Twitter Updates 2012.01.12 -Thank You ELF

TRANS: We finally did it! We couldn’t have received these awards without your love and support! Always so grateful and feel like we haven’t returned enough back to you. So grateful and excited! We are the first in all of Golden Disc Award history to receive four top awards! To all of our E.L.Fs that loved us, loved our music, and created pleasant memories for us- I love you all.

TRANS: We will be writing a new legacy from now on~^^We will continue to march forward without resting!! Super Junior is good at everything except one thing. Breaking up!! It’s the one thing us members have no idea how to do~ We will continue to work hard and show you fresh new sides of us! Please continue to look out for us ^^ Super Junior forever~!!

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translated at allkpop