[PIC] Youngstreet Picture Update 2011.05.15

credit sbs.co.kr
Reupload by iennie @ SJ-WORLD.NET
shared by icepluscoffee (icepluscoffee.wordpress.com)


[TRANS] Youngstreet Transcript 2011.04.19

Youngstreet Transcript 2011.04.19

* Nam is Hee’s Co-DJ.


Opening- above the sky and below the sky, dominated by heechul, Americano, Americano is the coffee named Espresso in Italy (but with more hot water), this way of calling it originates in US. It’s weird that Australia don’t call this kind of coffee Americano. Don’t know if it’s because they don’t want to use a name which bears a foreign meaning or because they want to give it a localized name

As for the coffee culture in Korea, is it better to name misscoffee, those vending machine as Koreano? 19April Tuesday music start.

Heechul: in fact when foreigners come to Korea, they are surprised that misscoffee taste so good. Kimchi, roasted meet has also become the representative of korea eating culture as well

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