[PIC] 2012.06.06 Han Geng In ‘His Life’ Magazine June Issue



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[NEWS] Evaluation of Han Geng: Han Geng’s Story Is Really Touching 2011.09.25 – Messages to Han Geng

He Gui (Teacher He from Happy Camp) said:

Han Geng has good relationships with everyone, I like him.
Everything he says is very sincere.
He makes us proud; he makes his country proud.
Han Geng you even borrowed my money, you remember right?
Han Geng is a good, honest, and kind-hearted person.
On May 12 he specially called me from Korea and gave me money he wanted to donate. He specially told me he wanted it to be anonymous.
Geng ah~ Do you miss me?

Xie Na (Na Na from Happy Camp) said:

Han Geng ah…these years you’ve been…Han Geng…I never thought your appetite was that big!
Our Han Geng is very handsome and has lots of charisma. You grew a lot…you’re taller than you were a week ago…
Han Geng, why are you so tan? You’re even darker than me!

Wei Jia (Wei Jia from Happy Camp) said:

Han Geng, your journey was…very exhausting. Han Geng is our pride isn’t he?!

Du Hai Tao (Hai Tao from Happy Camp) said:

We are fellow countrymen! (as in they’re from the same area)~~
Oh, fellow countrymen fellow country~~ Haha!

Wu Xin (Wu Xin from Happy Camp) said:

Oh my, oppa (she wrote this in English), sarangheyo (she wrote this in English)
I’ve fallen in love with him what to do?
Han Geng how’d you grow so tall? Wei Jia (from Happy Camp) and Teacher He (from Happy Camp) are so much shorter than you

Jackie Chan said:

I am also a Super Junior fan.
I really like them, and I’ve paid special attention to Han Geng.
Han Geng is a good person. Fighting!

Joey Young said:

Working with Han Geng is very interesting.
Since I’ve filmed with Han Geng, I know a lot of interesting Han Geng stories, I am very touched.
Being an idol is hard, but going overseas by yourself to be an Idol is even harder.

Huang Yi (Crystal Huang) said: 

Han Geng’s story really makes people touched.
It was definitely every hard for him.
Wow~ I would’ve been too scared to do what he did (going overseas by himself)

Liu Yi Fei (Crystal Liu) said:

We are very good friends.

Fan Wei Qi (Christine Fan) said: 

Han Geng’s mom’s dumplings are really delicious.
Han Geng is very filial, he treats his parents very well.

Wu Jian Hao (Vanness Wu) said:

I know how hard Korean entertainment is, it must be hard for Han Geng.

Hao Jun said:

My comrade (as in a really good friend) has gone to Korea.
Han Geng, my comrade, my wife is in love with you too.
You are forever my comrade.

Zhou Jie Lun (Jay Chou) wrote:

Super Junior is very popular.
Han Geng, I know Han Geng.
When you guys come to Taiwan later come find me!

Wu Zun (from Fahrenheit) wrote:

Han Geng and I are friends.
He’s awesome, I really admire him.
We (Fahrenheit) cannot equal them (Super Junior).

Wang Dong Cheng (Jiro Wang) (from Fahrenheit) wrote:

Wow, you had lots of pressure/stress.
You have lots of charisma…I am very honored to have won an award presented by Super Junior M.
We (Fahrenheit) have to work hard. Han Geng is our role model.

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Credits:  Yahoo! China Entertainment
Translated by @elf101586@icepluscoffee.wordpress.com

[NEWS] Hankyung’s Beijing Concert A Great Success; Commemorative T-shirts & Poster Leaded To A Fight

On 17,18 July, Hankyung held his own concert in Beijing. The atmosphere at the concert hall was very active and passionate, but still managed to be under control.

The organizer had been working hard on the preparation for this concert. During the two days, staffs had been standing under the sun since 9 in the morning, distributing commemorative T-shirt and posters to fans, while the fans were fighting to take more of them.

The concert would be started at 8, but the fans started lining up outside the stadium at 6, the whole process was excited yet orderly, showing that the organizer had planned well on this aspect, as well as the self-discipline of the fans.
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[NEWS] Hankyung’s New Song MV Debut, Displays “Tiger Claws”

Hankyung’s First Solo Album <Geng Heart> is to be released in Asia on July 27th. According to sources, Hankyung’s new album has 3 MVs that will be put together as a “movie”: <Moth into Flame>, <Say No>, and <Holding an Umbrella>. It describes a king’s rebirth. Today, Hankyung’s new song <Moth into Flame>’s full MV is released today on Yiwang Entertainment Music Channel. Continue Reading

[NEWS] Hankyung Thanking His Fans During His Concert; Jay Chou Sending His Blessings

On 17 July, Hankyung had his first individual concert in Beijing, after leaving the group, he had his rebirth by appearing with his angel costume at the very beginning, other than showing off his dancing skills, he also sang some of the songs from his album, as well as some cover tracks. The song ‘Under a vast sky’ seems to be like his feelings of bidding goodbye towards his past life, and during his performance of ‘Starry Mood’, he even received a blessing from the original singer Jay Chou. With the support of his fans, Hankyung broke into tears in the chorus part of the last performance, and thanked his fans.

Hankyung as a Resurrected Angel, dancing and singing with 3D technology

During the beginning of the concert, Hankyung, who was wearing his Angel outfit, stepped out from a huge golden sphere, and once he appeared, he started dancing and singing, bringing songs like ‘Moths to Flames’, and the Continue Reading

[NEWS] Hankyung Talks About Paying SM Penalty Fee For Cancelling His Contract

Singer Hankyung came out to an official event after he filed a suit against SM Entertainment and revealed his upcoming activity.

Hankyung held a press conference in Great Wall Mutianyu with Chinese media and his attorney present on the 22nd. He discussed the release of his solo album and his lawsuit against SM. Hankyung revealed, “After today, I will be officially doing solo activity.”
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