[MOD POST] Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!

Yep, it’s me again! After months of hiatus, I’m finally back? And yeah, I might be the only one gettin’ excited over this. *ehem* anyhooo, I need to do a lot of catchin’ up with SuJu news… and when I mean a lot, it means a LOOOOOOT. Imagine more than 6 months with no daily dose of my K-pop supplements.. yeah, not the best feeling in the world. So yeah, expect to have more updates, updates.. updates? and yeah, more updating. -,-

So yeah, there’s a lot of ‘yeah’ in these superbly short post. And yeah, just like any other mod posts I’ve made.. this is just to keep everyone (who cares) know that I’m still alive! And yeah, the ‘yeahs’ are getting soooo annoying.

I miss you guys?

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♥ icepluscoffee


1st Mindanao SM Town Gathering – A Success!

photo by Ivy Gleianne Ramos

Last September 25, 2011, fans from Mindanao has gathered at the Stadium Buffet Restaurant and Sports Lounge located at Matina, Davao City. The event was made possible  thanks to the organizers from Cass Davao, Mindanao ELF, and Soshi Davao. Tickets were sold out!

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[MOD POST] Updates + Recruitment

Heya everyone! it has been months since I last posted something like this. Anyway, this will be short. I’ll just post some changes.


SJ on TWITTER page:
This page will be closed down and updates will no longer be posted there. We will post twitter translations on the main page and just like other entries. The page will be left open for future reference.

We will delete all contents of this page within this week. Worry not, we will be posting new goodies ranging from gifs, desktop & phone wallies, banners and icons. If you have any suggestion for goodies, please do leave a comment and it will be noted.

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생일축하합니다! 生日快樂! お誕生日おめでとうございます! Maligayang Bati! Happy Birthday!❤

Well hello there dear readers! Today’s the birthday of SARAH a.k.a ICEPLUSCOFFEE. The maker/owner of this awesome blog! This post is not SuJu related but then it’s valid since she brings SuJu news and tidbits to everyone! Sarah dear, THANK YOU for being a friend, a sister, an ELF, and a spazz buddy to me and to everyone else! I don’t know how to make that thingy in the side (like what you did during my birthday!) so please bear with me. Thank You so much for accepting me to help you here! \(^o^)/ I really wish to meet you soon and ate angel ^^ oh and also the other authors for the blog! ^^ Stay pretty and awesome! Enjoy the day and party like a rockstar! LOL! *HUG* You know I tend to talk a lot so I’ll end my post before people get bored ^^ I can’t give you a tangible gift, so just a gif spam of Hee!Oh! please feel free to add your birthday wishes!

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[2011.04.11] Icepuscoffee’s Post

Heya everyone!

How’s everyone? I’m back again with another boring ‘Icepluscoffee Post’. Finally, after months of attempting to open-up an online shop, I can finally say that we are now in the process of setting-up the site. We’re just finalizing the site’s layout and other necessary things that needs to be done before we can officially open. Most of our products are handmade and each and every item have been personally designed by us. However, the shop doesn’t have any relation to K-pop nor ‘ICEPLUSCOFFEE’. But maybe, in the future, we could release items  inspired by Super Junior as both of us are ELFs by ♥. Anyway, here are some of the items that we will be releasing:

cellphone charms

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[MOD POST] Happy White Day!

To those who are wondering… White Day is every March 14th of the year. It is celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day. In Korea, on Valentine’s Day, the girl gives a chocolate(as a confession) to the guy she likes. On the other hand, during White Day , the guy gives something to the girl as a response/confession.

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[MOD POST] Problem With Photos Hosted By ImageShack + Solution

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHey everyone!

Today, I was informed that some are unable to view the photos posted here. I don’t know what is wrong; if it’s imageshack who has a glitch with their system or something. I dunno. The photos are perfectly fine and viewable here in my computer. Some said that they could also see it. So, how come some are unable to view the photos? Someone… please enlighten me.

If it’s a glitch with imageshack, I just hope that everything would be resolved as soon as possible. For the meantime, please bear with those ugly frogs in boxes as I try to search for a solution to this. Thank you :)



UPDATE 2011.02.24 1:10 PM:

I found out that I could only see the photos through my computer  when I’m logged-in to imageshack. I sent  a report to imageshack regarding this matter. Apparently, imageshack has a new policy. You have to register your domain first.

To my fellow bloggers who are going insane over those ugly frog images, this might help.

Just click here and fill up all the necessary information required to register your domain. I just hope that imagshack removes this policy. IT’S REALLY INCONVENIENT TO MANY. For the meantime, again, please bear with those ugly frogs in boxes. Thank you :)

[2011.02.14] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Hi readers who are still here

HAPPY HEARTS DAY! I hope you’re all doing fine. :)

Well, this is just a quickie post. I still have classes and an exam till 9pm for today.

Anyway, I know I’ve been neglecting this place!   Things just got waaaay out of my hands, I got so busy with school and all! I’ve obviously missed out a looot of birthday posts and galore posts. I’ll try to catch-up and make it up to you guys! Swear! Continue Reading

[2010.12.30] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Heya everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted an entry like this. The last one was dated November 6, 2010. :) As always, I’ve been really busy with school and stuff for the last few months. Finally, it’s Christmas break! YESSSS! I’m finally free from all school projects for now.. and YES, I’ll be updating regularly for the next few days and I hope I’d be able to do a good job on it. HAHAHA Continue Reading

[INFO] GoKpop Music Awards 2010 Results

Results GoKpop Music Awards 2010 

  • Favorite artist/band – Super Junior
  • Best male solo – Yesung
  • Best female solo – Taeyeon
  • Best single 2010 – Victory Korea – Super Junior
  • Best album 2010 – Bonamana – Super Junior
  • Best boyband – Super Junior
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[2010.11.06] Icepluscoffee’s Post

I was clicking some links on twitter and found this photo.
I really don't know who I should credit ^^

Today was definitely something new. It was my first time to spend Super Junior’s anniversary with others. In the past, I’d just buy something sweet (a cake or a chocolate bar) and just spazz, watch videos & performances and just call it a day with  Super Junior. But, today, it was definitely something new. Continue Reading

[MOD POST] ICEPLUSCOFFEE On Semi-Hiatus + About KpopLive Contest


As most of you have noticed, updates on this blog have become slower than usual. Both Xinlady and I (icepluscoffee), who is in charge of updating the main page,  and Madison, who is in charge with ‘SJ on Twitter’ page, are on hiatus.

I’ve been really busy lately since it’s our last week for this semester. There’s a lot of projects that I have to comply and final exams are superbly racking out my brain. Although from time to time I’d be updating, I can’t guarantee that I can update daily.

Xinlady, on the other hand, got into an eye accident and she’s not allowed to strain her eyes. She will be back when she recovers and can fully see with both eyes.  I hope she gets better.

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[2010.07.31] Icepluscoffee’s Post

Weee. Finally, Icepluscoffee’s Post! okay, i know I’m the only one excited about this. haha. It’s been months since I last posted an entry like this. Another exaggeration, truth is.. I wrote an entry like this last  July 3, 2010.

Aaaw, they look good together.
Shindong’s girlfriend is really cute.

I was re-watching Super Junior videos today and stumbled on a lot of Hankyung-Heechul videos. And then I realized how much I miss Hankyung. I was actually laying down in my bed this afternoon thinking about what could have happen if Hankyung didn’t leave Super Junior, what Hankyung was really thinking when he left Super Junior and was he selfish to leave the group or was it fair for him to do so? Yes, Hankyung have gone through a lot of pain. I know that, we know that, we all do. It’s just sad to know that he’ll never come back as a member of the great boy band Super Junior.

Since Heechul is in Beijing now, I wonder if he’s going to meet up with Hankyung there?! I hope he’d post photos on his twitter if it does happen.

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Random Post ^^

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of cheonsa23’s entries. Here’s the most recent entry she has written that I’d like to share:

TITLE: A Call to All ELF in the World.

It’s not always that one finds the drive to live and believe like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not everyday that one think it’s necessary to be positive. After all, life ain’t easy. But as some gives up, some strives harder – not for their own satisfaction  but for the people who are depending on them for joy.

Jungsoo, Kyuhyun and Heenim. They are all examples of people who, despite their painful past, are doing everything they can to continuously show the fans a good image and to show that they love us so much, they’d be willing to take all the risk to make us happy.

Their physical injuries are not secrets to us. We know what happened. They got involved in car accidents. Heenim’s leg was broken that he had to bed-rest for months, and just so he would still appear good on TV,

he had to bite his tongue until it bleed so as not to be unconscious. Jungsoo was showered with shattered pieces of glass requiring 170+ stitches on his back and face, and the worst of all, Kyuhyun, who had to spend three months at the ICU, with fractured bones and injured lungs, and couldn’t speak for weeks due to trauma.

What transpired on 2006 and 2007 were not pranks. Those were real accidents which almost took the lives of three of our precious boys.

After some years, look at them now. For the 4th album, Jungsoo tried hard to improve his body. Heenim is participating on all promotional activities, and Kyuhyun is with the dancing group now. READ THE REST OF THE ENTRY HERE.

Here’s a list of her recent entries:

I’ll Be Waiting.

To Our Kibummie…

Someone Stayed Strong

To the Brave Kim Youngwoon Who Never Fail to Make Us Proud

“No Other” is for US.

[2010.07.03] Icpeluscoffee’s Post



I was watching their performance yesterday and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. Promise! You could ask my sister how weird I looked like in front of the computer. THEY’RE ALL SMILING and giving winks and kisses to the camera. They were so playful, specially Leeteuk. The performance kinda gives me the impression  of ‘Marry U’ days since the stage looks and feels lighter. right? or is it just me? HAHA XD  I definitely loved the performance. AND, I prefer ‘No Other’ over ‘Bonamana’ simply because they seemed to look happier.

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