[NEWS] 2012.05.17 Super Junior’s Siwon Hits 2 Million Twitter Followers

Last year Super Junior member Choi Siwon became the  first Korean celebrity to hit 1 Million followers on Twitter. Now he is the first to hit 2 Million, closing in on the figure during May 2012. Super Junior’s growing popularity is becoming more and more apparent. Congratulations to Siwon on the new record.

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Source: Siwon’s Official Twitter Page (@siwon407)


[PIC] [TRANS] 2012.05.04 Siwon’s Twitter Updates- Recording For 6th Studio Album

*Trans: Recording our 6th album, after finishing our tight schedule ^^. I finished my schedule in Korea with a lot of energy this time^^.
Trans. credits: MTVK
Source: Siwon’s Twitter (@siwon407)

[TRANS] 2012.01.31 Heechul’s Twitter Updates- Scarf From Sulli

heedictator: 佳神~!! 又回来了!! 刚刚和 ‘雪梨’ 一起看了电影~ 可爱的妹妹还买了围巾送给我~ :) </p><p>[TRANS] Heedictator: God Jia~!! Came back again!! Just went to watch movie with ‘Sulli’~ Cute sister even bought a scarf for me~ :) (credits: heequeenTing)

TRANS: Heedictator: God Jia~!! Came back again!! Just went to watch movie with ‘Sulli’~ Cute sister even bought a scarf for me~ :)

Trans. credits: heequeenTING

heedictator: Scarf and glove for christmas present and these were handmade by 설리. Thank you my little sister. 설리 is truth~

*originally tweeted in English

Source: Heechul’s Twitter (Heedictator)

[TRANS] Eunhyuk’s Twitter Update 2012.01.21 – Musical Almost Over

TRANS: Following after Kibum, Sungmin and Ryeowook, my Sukira hoobaes… and my musical sunbaes… also came to watch EunTyrone! The other members, come watch too quickly~~~ The musical is ending soon now!!!

Source: Eunhyuk’s Twitter(AllRiseSilver)
Trans credits: @AllRiseXiahtic
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[TRANS] Leeteuk’s Twitter Updates 2012.01.21 – Snowboarding

TRANS: ‘With all of our members and our manager hyungs!!!^^ Went snowboarding for the first time in a while.. It was so much fun!! Keke Better because all of us were together!!!’

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter (special1004), allkpop.com
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[TRANS] Donghae’s Twitter Update 2012.01.20 – With Cute Jessica

TRANS: ‘Our cute dongsaeng Jessica! Thanks for congratulating us for winning the Daesang yesterday^^ Congratulations for starting the filming of your first drama today^^ Everyone, please show your love and support!’

Source: Donghae’s Twitter (donghae861015), allkpop.com
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[PIC] Super Junior Pose With Their Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19

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[TRANS] Donghae’s Twitter Update 2012.01.17 – Make Way For Super Junior

TRANS: Super Junior coming out!! Get out of the way!!

Source: Donghae’s Twitter (donghae861015)
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[TRANS] Siwon’s Twitter Update 2012.01.16 – In The Middle Of Filming

TRANS: In the middle of filming for Mamonde ^^ on the set, there’s a strange peaceful atmosphere like we’re in the woods. The kind of atmosphere that makes you want to pitch a tent and camp here. ^^

Source: Siwon’s Twitter
Translation credits: ALLRISEXIATIC

[TRANS] Leeteuk’s Twitter Updates 2012.01.12 -Thank You ELF

TRANS: We finally did it! We couldn’t have received these awards without your love and support! Always so grateful and feel like we haven’t returned enough back to you. So grateful and excited! We are the first in all of Golden Disc Award history to receive four top awards! To all of our E.L.Fs that loved us, loved our music, and created pleasant memories for us- I love you all.

TRANS: We will be writing a new legacy from now on~^^We will continue to march forward without resting!! Super Junior is good at everything except one thing. Breaking up!! It’s the one thing us members have no idea how to do~ We will continue to work hard and show you fresh new sides of us! Please continue to look out for us ^^ Super Junior forever~!!

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translated at allkpop