9 thoughts on “[PIC] Heechul On I Love You Ten Million Times Ep.25 Official Pictures

  1. they’re like BFF. LOL i like ’em both

  2. they look so good together, it’s not even funny. lol
    so cute!!

  3. They are so cute! Like two little kittens. I really enjoy their scenes together — it’s so sweet seeing romance rising out of friendship instead of Big Drama, like in the rest of the story. I wish they got more airtime!

  4. I want kill that woman so badly….

  5. OMO!!! I hate her! HEECHUL is mine!ahahah…I envy her

  6. im so jealous T_T

    nice body heechul ..

  7. khkh they look good together

  8. heechul looks so pretty, seriously, so pretty XD
    and that girl, holly, when i was watching the show “Love letter”, i did’nt hate her at all because she has nothing special, and now, after this movie, i just want her to go to the hell so badly !

    and specially, the director of this movie is the person that i hate the most, haha, stupid director, ugly Sojin….and more…

    my Chullie<3

  9. so cute

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