It’s About Time That We Do Something For Teuk.

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On July 1, 2011, it will be exactly 29 years since an angel was sent down to heaven. His destiny was written and it was stated there that he will not just be the leader of the world’s biggest boyband; but also, he would serve as an inspiration to millions of fangirls and fanboys alike.

For five years, as a member and leader of Super Junior, Park Jungsoo has been a part of our lives. With him, we shared constant laughter and tears. From him, we gained strength to continue enjoying the life that was given to all of us. He became a living proof that miracles do exist.

So isn’t it about time that we do something to give back?

You see, Teuk loves kids so much. It might have been a rare thing for him to discuss but on several pictures where Teuk is with a child, you’ll see the joy in his eyes.


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[INFO] Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry’s Number 1 On Channel V Thailand

Asian Chart – Channel V Thailand

50 Asian Song of the years 2009

1.Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
2. SNSD – Gee
3.Tohoshinki – Stand By U
4.SNSD – Genie
5.Bigbang – Gara Gara Go
6.Jerry Yan – Zai KTV Shuo Ai Ni
7.2PM – Again & Again
8.Super Junior – It’s You
9.SHINee – Julitte
10.Tohoshinki – Share The World
11.G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
12.TVXQ – Wrong Number
13.Fahrenheit – Love You More & More
14.Bigbang – Sunset Glow
15.Super Junior M – Super Girls
16.Tohoshinki – Survivor
17.2PM – I Hate U
18.Bigbang – Strong Baby
19.F.T. Island – Bad Woman
20.Bigbang – With U
21.Tohoshinki – Bolero
22.Jejung & Yuchun – Colors Melody & Harmony
23.SHINee – Amigo
24.Bigbang – Number 1
25.SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
26.Berryz Koubou – Dschinghis Khan
27.Utada Hikaru – Come Back To Me
28.Rain – Love Story
29.TVXQ – Mirotic
30.2NE1 – Fire
31.KARA – Wanna
32.Wonder Girls – Nobody
33.TVXQ , SJ , SHINee – Seaside
34.NEWS – Love Of ABO
35.SS501 – You’re My Heaven
36.Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
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[VIDEO] Super Junior-M At Variety Big Brother ENGLISH SUBBED 2009.12.13

Super Junior M at Variety Big Brother

credits: CPopAccess @ youtube

Part 1

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[PIC] Super Show II Live Album Scans

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[NEWS] Super Junior-M’s Interview On Global Pop Music

Currently promoting in China, Super Junior M(SJ-M), is a group that all medias have been competing to interview. In the hotel where the Global Pop Music interview is held, fans crowd and gather and waited faithfully for their idols’ appearance. Seems like the charisma and charm these 7 active boys possess is simply irresistable.

On the day of the interview, one of SJ-M members, Lee DongHae, fell ill and was unable to attend the interview. Henry joked that, because DongHae’s position is between his and HanKyung’s, it felt weird without DongHae’s presence. The members also unanimously agreed that among them, DongHae is the “girl killer”. He is the most popular among young girls.

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