It’s About Time That We Do Something For Teuk.

Sorry, I just thought that I should share this here. :) The deadline’s nearing anyway, so please grant me a favor. Help us and spread the word. Thank you!



On July 1, 2011, it will be exactly 29 years since an angel was sent down to heaven. His destiny was written and it was stated there that he will not just be the leader of the world’s biggest boyband; but also, he would serve as an inspiration to millions of fangirls and fanboys alike.

For five years, as a member and leader of Super Junior, Park Jungsoo has been a part of our lives. With him, we shared constant laughter and tears. From him, we gained strength to continue enjoying the life that was given to all of us. He became a living proof that miracles do exist.

So isn’t it about time that we do something to give back?

You see, Teuk loves kids so much. It might have been a rare thing for him to discuss but on several pictures where Teuk is with a child, you’ll see the joy in his eyes.






(pictures not mine, credit as tagged)

It is for this reason why LeeteukWings, TeukAngelsPH, TeukieVN, JungsooAddicts, LeaderTeukFacts and other Teuk-lovers spearheaded a birthday project in celebration of the birthday of our dear leader.

Even the smallest amount of donation would definitely make a difference. We are yet to find a good charity for kids but please rest assured that all your donations will be in good hands.

Soon, we will also be selling items so that in every donation you’ll give, you’ll receive something in remembrance of the goodwill that you did. As soon as we settled the donation, we will be posting all the evidences on the internet so as to wipe off the doubts that might be in your minds.

We are working hard to let Jungsoo feel that he did the right thing in accepting the challenge of becoming a leader. We want to make him understand that he has done a good job in being a good inspiration to us, ELF.

We are counting on your support, everyone. Please do spread the word and let us prove once more that there is more to us than being just fangirls.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “It’s About Time That We Do Something For Teuk.

  1. How about World Vision?

  2. Just found a boy from Guatemala that might need our help for him, his family and even his community. His name is Angel. He was born on July 1, 2010. We might not be able to commit to sponsor him for many years, but we can ask World Vision how to help him in other way. It is only my suggestion.

  3. Hi 33! :)

    Honestly, World Vision is one of our choices. But somehow, we are considering other options since WV is already a large community. :) Don’t get me wrong and I hope you do understand that we’re trying to find someone who’s more in need. :)

    If things turn out well, we’ll see how we can contribute to helping Angel. :) Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  4. Don’t worry. I completely understand. I just love the idea so much that I got so excited. It will be a meaningful birthday present for Eeteuk, the children and ELF. Hopefully, we’ll find the perfect charity soon. (^_^)v

  5. why there’s no update on SJ currently???i really miss them…<3

  6. @Zatulley
    Hello :) Our apologies if you haven’t seen any update in our blog lately T__T Icepluscoffee and I have been both very busy. Hope you understand :) Don’t worry when we do have time we keep this blog updated :)

  7. Hi. I am Arlene Manocot from the Philippines. I’m really confused on how to reach you privately, but I can’t find a way , so I just I decided to write a comment here. I am a self-published writer (I write for pleasure, not famous yet >__< Just a little bit, I am obsessed with him moderately) and I really wanted to put his picture on the cover along with me and for that reason I used one of Lee Dong Hae's photo from your blog. I want to ask permission for the copyright of the picture and I am praying that Dong Hae and his management wouldn't mind. It's a fan fiction, but I made some modifications with the names of the characters etc. from the book. I hope that you will have a positive outlook with my query (I don't intend any copyright infringements). Looking forward with your response. Thank you and God bless.

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