[TRANS] Siwon’s Twitter Updates 2012.01.04 – Are You Looking?! + SM Sudden Get-together

Shim Changmin and Cho Kyuhyun who is at the next table, are you looking?! pic.twitter.com/35SBlB2l

Source: Siwon’s Twitter
translated by @mimilovemicky
reupload by icepluscoffee (icepluscoffee.wordpress.com)

Finally together with teacher. SM sudden get-together! pic.twitter.com/6HWpuB3X7

Source: Siwon’s Twitter
translated by @mimilovemicky
reupload by icepluscoffee (icepluscoffee.wordpress.com)


[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Siwon, Shinee’s Minho, and TVXQ’s Changmin Takes a Picture Together

SM Entertainment’s handsome boys recently took a picture together.

On January 4, Super Junior’s Siwon uploaded a picture of himself and SHINee’s Minho in a friendly pose on his Twitter account with the comment, “Kyuhyun and Changmin at the next table! Are you guys looking at us now?”

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[NEWS] SME Reveals Current Casts For “Hana Kimi”

SME finally reveals the cast lists for their upcoming remake drama “Hana Kimi”.

A few months ago, we reported that SME is set to produce a new drama, which is “Hana Kimi”. After that announcement, fans were excited and started making their own virtual casts for the drama. It was rumored that SM officials have now released part of the cast list on their official site.

The current cast list has:

Minho (SHINee) – popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano
Yoona (SNSD) – will be the female lead Mizuki Ashiya
Heechul (Super Junior) – as Shuichi Nakatsu who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality
Leeteuk (Super Junior) – a flirtatious senior

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[NEWS] Idols With Te Best Eyes-Smile

Check out the idol who had it to Top 43 with their eye-smile.

SNSD’s Tiffany, f(x)’s Sulli, 2PM’s Nichkhun, to name a few, are some of our idols with best eye-smile. Check out the ranking below if your idol/s made it to Top 43.

1. FT ISLAND Lee HongKi (3,760 votes)
2. 2PM Nichkhun (3,623 votes)
3. Super Junior DongHae (3,097 votes)
4. CN BLUE Jung Yong Hwa (3,010 votes)
5. Super Junior Leeteuk (2,937 votes)
6. Jang Geun Suk (2,535 votes)
7. Super Junior Lee Sung Min (2,257 votes)
8. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong (2,072 votes)
9. SHINee Onew (2,038 votes)
10. Big Bang G-Dragon (2,049 votes)
11. Super Junior Kibum (1,839 votes)
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[VIDEO] Eunhyuk Cut On KBS2 100 Points Out of 100 Ep.04 2010.12.18 – ENGLISH SUBBED

KBS2 100 Points Out of 100 Ep.04 2010.12.18
Eunhyuk Cut
credits: HongkiMusicWorld2


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[INFO] Mnet’s Top 30 Best Looking Idols Revealed

Mnet have done another poll, and it looks like this time, it’s for the ‘The Top 30 Best Looking Idols’.

The first place has gone to none other then fresh-faced beauty Kim HyunJoong, while second place went to 2PM’s Nichkhun. Check out the rest below.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)

2. Nichkhun (2PM)

3. Goo Hara (Kara)

4. T.O.P (Big Bang)

5. Choi Siwon (Super Junior)

6. Sandara Park (2NE1)

7. Choi Minho (SHINee)

8. Park Yoochun (DBSK)

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[NEWS] “Idol Track & Field Championship” Eunhyuk-Minho-Junho, Thankful To “Dream Team” For Their Great Performance In Hurdles

On the 25th broadcast of MBC Chuseok Special “Idol Track & Field Championship”, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Minho and 2PM’s Junho showed great performances during the men 110m hurdles section. Continue Reading

[NEWS] Super Junior·SHINee·f(x) SM Town, “Idol Track & Field Championship” Crowned The Final Champion

With the abilities of f(x)’s Luna, Super Junior’s Shindong, Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho, SM became the final champion in “Idol Track & Field Championship” Continue Reading

[NEWS] SHINee Minho’s Confession “Super Junior Siwon Hyung, Really Wants To Be Like Him”

SHINee’s Minho’s confession to Super Junior’s Choi Siwon “I want to be like you”.

On the 24th September broadcast of MBC Chuseok Special “Happy days”, the theme of “Idol stars of Republic of Korea, conquer the world” covered the SMtown concert in LA and Shanghai. Continue Reading

[NEWS] Kyuhyun-Ryeowook-Changmin-Minho ‘SM Kyu-line’ Revealed, Fans Cheered ‘Heartwarming’

Among the artists under SM company, ‘Kyu-line’ which is led by Super Junior Kyuhyun had revealed.

Kyuhyun wrote on his twitter on the 23rd, “the last day of Chuseok, Kyu-line’s *차도남 had a warm wine party together, we are the shining Super MAX~”, together he uploaded with a photo.

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[NEWS] Super Junior + SHINee, “We’re SM family” Even At Program Recording Venue

SM Town’s Super Junior and SHINee became united.

Shindong uploaded a photo onto his twitter on the 22th and wrote “It’s raining continuously!!! It should be smaller now! (It’s) really too big!!!! Everyone (,) be careful!! I’m going out to eat now, am already caught in the rain!! One picture for now!! SHINee!! Super Junior!!!”

It’s a photo of Shindong, Donghae, Minho and Onew. The 4 of them wore red sport shirts, with their name tags hanging on their shirts. The photo seem to be taken on the 14th during the recording of MBC Chuseok Special “MBC Idol Track and Field Championship” in Mokdong.
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