[TRANS] Shindong’s Twitter Update 2012.01.26 – Boom hyungnim!

@ShinsFriends: Boom!!! I went to Konjiam Resort with hyungnim, skiing in the speed of lightning~~ It was so fun!! I was riding the board~ and Boom hyungnim rode the skis~~ Let’s do it together people~~http://t.co/22TwtBDy

Source: Shindong’s Twitter
Translated by: @sujunesia

[NEWS] Super Junior’s Shindong goes skiing with Boom

Super Junior’s Shindong recently went skiing with Boom.

On January 26, Shindong posted a picture with the comment, “I’m skiing with Boom at Konjiam Resort in Gwangju. It’s really fun! I’m snowboarding and Boom is skiing. Everyone, let’s go skiing together.”
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[TRANS] Leeteuk’s Twitter Updates 2012.01.21 – Snowboarding

TRANS: ‘With all of our members and our manager hyungs!!!^^ Went snowboarding for the first time in a while.. It was so much fun!! Keke Better because all of us were together!!!’

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter (special1004), allkpop.com
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[VIDEO] Super Junior on 21st Annual Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19

21st Annual Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19
 Super Junior
Source: oumae025

[VIDEO] Super Junior Performance On 21st Annual Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19

Super Junior Performance Cuts- Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19
Super Junior

Live Performance
Source: FxxKKBSi @ YT

Emotional End Of The Ceremony
Source: gnalc8 @ YT

Daesung Acceptance Speech

[PIC] Super Junior Pose With Their Seoul Music Awards 2012.01.19

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[PIC] 2012.01.19 Super Junior At The 21st Annual Seoul Music Awards-Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium

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[NEWS] Super Junior Dominates The 21st Annual Seoul Music Awards

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The Seoul Music Award Ceremony was held on the 19th of January where artists are honored based on their album sales, popularity polls and judges’ selections.

Super Junior bagged the grand ‘Daesung’ prize making them the big winners of the night.

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[NEWS] Super Junior Fan Wallpaper By ‘Boxhead Studios’ Celebrates Lunar New Year

Boxhead Studios has produced a Super Junior wallpaper for free download in celebration of Lunar New Year.

Boxhead produced the wallpaper based on a popularity poll which Super Junior won. It features all 13 Super Junior members smiling and looking cute. Download it for free in the following sizes.


Spruce up your desktop and celebrate Lunar New Year Super Junior style!

Source: allkpop.com

[INFO] Super Junior’s ‘SUPER SHOW4’ will be Held at Tokyo Dome for 100,000 Audiences!

January 12, 2012
Super Junior’s ‘SUPER SHOW4’ will be Held at Tokyo Dome for 100,000 Audiences!

Super Junior will hold a solo concert ‘SUPER SHOW4’ at Tokyo Dome in Japan.

“SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW4’” will be held at Tokyo Dome on May 12th and 13th and will draw audiences totaling 100,000 people.

Especially, although Super Junior has not made an official debut yet in Japan, Super Junior will hold a solo concert at Tokyo Dome without any promotion activities. Therefore, it proves Super Junior’s status as the King of global Korean-wave.

Moreover, since this will be Super Junior’s solo concert at Tokyo Dome following their successful concert in Osaka, it is expected to receive an intense interest from Japanese fans as well as local media.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will hold ‘SUPER SHOW4’ at Taipei Arena in Taiwan from February 2nd to 5th and at Singapore Indoor Stadium from February 18th to 19th.


[INFO] Super Show 4 – Super Junior World Tour In Singapore Details

Super Junior, the immensely popular K-pop band that has led the Korean wave to reach a global phenomenon, launched Super Show 4 – Super Junior World Tour in Seoul on 19 and 20 November 2011. Singapore will be their fourth stop after Osaka and the upcoming Taipei stop. Audiences can expect an up-close performance on a stage that is ‘even more dynamic and on an even bigger scale than Super Show 3’ as mentioned by the leader of the group, Lee Teuk.

Promising to bring the entire original show that was shown in Seoul, every angle of the stadium promises to offer an up close and dynamic view with the 360-degree stage, pyrotechnics, special stage effects and trapezes for the boys to ‘fly’ closer to the fans. Known for their charismatic, cheeky and entertaining antics, Super Junior is expected to provide a warm performance along with their fantastic fan service. The Singapore concert is anticipated to offer a cozy ambience with a venue that will support a relatively smaller and tighter audience.

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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Shindong goes to a ski resort: “I’m a snowboarder!”

Super Junior’s Shindong reveals a picture of himself at a ski resort.

On January 13 at 2:30 p.m., Shindong tweeted a picture with the comment “I’m a snowboarder!! It’s my first riding in 2012…^^ I haven’t ridden on a snowboard for a while and my feet hurt a bit.”

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