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2011 GTV Skip Beat!sublimesfansubs
2011 KBS PoseidondramaloadWITHS2[soft sub files] – doramax264 – heavenofdesires
2010-2011 KBS2 Presidentdoramax264

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Links to subbed videos. will be updated.

2004  KBS April Kiss – mysoju – viki – youtube
2005  SBS Marrying a Millionaire mysoju
2005  KBS 18 vs. 29mysoju
2006  SBS Bad Familymysoju vikidramacrazy
2006  KBS Spring Waltzmysojuviki dramacrazy
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boysmysojudramacrazy
2007  SBS Golden Bridemysoju
2008  MBC Chunja’s Happy Events – mysoju – dramacrazy
2009 SBS I Love You Ten Thousand Timesmysojudramacrazy
2009  CCTV2 Stage of Youthmysojudramacrazy
2009  MBC Romance Zeromysojudramacrazy
2010  SBS Oh! My Ladymysojuvikidramacrazy
2010-2011 SBS Athena: Goddess of War natnatvip-online
2010-2011 SBS Dr. Champ natnatvip-online
2010-2011 SBS It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girlnatnatvip-online
2010-2011 KBS2 President natnatvip-online
2011 KBS Poseidon – natnatvip-online
2011 SBS Tree With Deep Rootsepdramadramacrazygooddramadramaload
2012 tvN I Love Lee Tae Ridramacrazyviki
2012 Mr. Hedgehog and Miss Pandadramacrazygooddramadramaloadviki
2012 When Love Walked Inviki – epdrama

☆ Filmography:

Movies & Television Series

2011 MBC Dream High [guest star]
2008  MBC Super Junior Unbelievable Story [Leeteuk]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [panda]
2006  MBC Rainbow Romance [cameo appearance]
2000  MBC All About Eve [cameo appearance]

2009 SBS I Love You Ten Thousand Times [Leechul]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Heechul]
2007  SBS Golden Bride  [Kim Youngsoo]
2006  SBS Bad Family [Gong Min]
2005  MBC Rainbow Romance [Kim Heechul]
2005  KBS Loveholic [Junior Chef – minor role]
2005  KBS Sharp 2 [Baek Jinwoo]

2011 Founding Father Sun Yat-Sen [Hu Han Min]
2011 The Founding of a Party [Deng Xiao Ping(cameo)]
2011 My Kingdom [Meng Eriku]
2011 The Founding of a Party [ Zhao Shiyan]
2009  CCTV2 Stage of Youth [Xia Lei]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [HanKyung]
2005  MBC Rainbow Romance [Hankyung (Guest star)]

2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Yesung]

2009  MBC Romance Zero [Hotae]
2008  Hello Schoolgirl [Kang Sook]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Kangin]
2007  MBC Billie Jean, Look At Me [cameo appearance]
2006  MBC Rainbow Romance [cameo appearance]
2002  SBS A Man And A Woman [cameo appearance]

2010-2011 SBS Dr. Champ [Kang Woo Ram]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Shindong]

2010-2011 KBS2 President [Jang Sung Min]
2008  MBC Super Junior Unbelievable Story [Sungmin]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Sungmin]
2006  SBS Finding Lost Time [Sungmin]
2005  MBC Sisters of the Sea [young Kang Dong Shi]

2011 MBC Dream High [guest star]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Eunhyuk]
2005  MBC Rainbow Romance [cameo appearance]


2012 Channel A Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog [Go Seung-ji]
2011 GTV Skip Beat! [Shang Jieyong / Bu Po Shang ]
2010-2011 SBS It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl [Choi Wook Gi]
2009  CCTV Stage Of Youth [Donghai (Guest star)]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Lee Dong-hae]

2012 SBS The King of Dramas [Kang Min]
2011 GTV Skip Beat! [Dun Helian]
2011 KBS Poseidon [Kim Shin-Woo]
2010-2011 SBS Athena: Goddess of War [Kim Joon Ho]
2010  SBS Oh! My Lady [Sung Minwoo]
2009  CCTV Stage Of Youth [Shiyuan (Guest star)]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Choi Siwon]
2007  MBC Legend of Hyang Dan [Lee Mongryong]
2006  A Battle of Wits [Liang Shi]
2006  KBS Spring Waltz [Park Sang Woo]
2006  KBS Charnel Boy
2005  KBS 18 vs. 29 [young Kang Bongman]
2005  KBS Precious Family
2004  KBS Parents’ Approval

2009  CCTV Stage Of Youth [Lixu (Guest star)]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Ryeowook]

2012 tvN I Love Lee Tae Ri [Geum Eun Dong / Min Soo]
2011 SBS A Tree With Deep Roots [Park Paengnyun]
2010 Jumunjin [Ghost]
2008  MBC Chunja’s Happy Events [Park Jungwoo]
2007  Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [Kim Kibum]
2006  SBS Snow Flower [Ha Yeongchan]
2005  MBC Rainbow Romance [Kim Kibum]
2005  SBS Marrying a Millionaire [young Kim Younghoon]
2005  KBS Sharp 2 [Joo Yuhmyoung]
2004  KBS April Kiss [young Han Jungwoo]

2009  CCTV Stage Of Youth [Guixian (Guest star)]

Zhou Mi
2012 When Love Walked In [Lu Shang Lin]


31 thoughts on “MOVIES & DRAMAS

  1. do you mind telling me in which episode of Stage of Youth did the guest stars appear? hee. thanks.

  2. uhm, apparently, i still haven’t watched stage of youth ^^
    But you will definitely see Hankyung on every episode since he’s the lead role in there.

  3. oh, thanks. actually i watched first few episodes of it before i asked you but i was watching more for the other guest stars members. haha. and there’s so much i have not watched, i thought i would rather just watch that ONE episode im waiting for. haha. thank you anyway.

  4. Although kyuhyun are so cute and handsome, why he makes too little movie?

  5. karolina stefanie guzman alamo

    hay heechul es lindisimo tamien kyuhyun y todos los del grupo

  6. i already watched stage of youth
    u can go 2 youtube n write
    Miracle13oys @ [ELSubs]

    miracle13oys subbed until ep 5
    ELSubs already subbed until ep 6
    u have 2 wait 4 the rest of the eps

    the rest SuJu-M appeared as a guest
    on last ep ….ep 12

    the opening song
    tittled Dream of Youth by hangeng n huangyi

    sorry 4 my english
    im not good
    in this language

  7. where can i watch heechul’s latest drama again? i knw u posted it at the info few days ago..but i didnt save the link. the urge to watch it just came tdy..hehe. thanks! :)

  8. Hi, Hee Chul was in Love You Ten Million Times. His character name is Lee Chul and its 2009. maybe you can update on that? THANKS A BUNCH.

  9. I found the part were you can SEE all the Super Junior M-members in Stage Of Youth with Hangeng!!^^
    I watched Stage of Youth too *shy* to see the other members.. But I coundn’t find any video’s or pics of them in that drama :S


    Here is the part were you will see them at 3:33

    Enjoy ;P
    (I surely did, although the bad lighting at the performans ><)

    Ps. 4give me for my bad english.. -_-"

  10. yaiiii!! I only want to see siwon, kyuhyun and ryeowook!!

  11. and donghae!!!

  12. watch it in episode 12 (last episode) where they act as SJM and perform “U” and that’s it…

  13. hi u forget to put mystery 6
    only kyuhyun not in it

  14. I remember siwon filmed a chinese movie last year

  15. anyeong super juniors im a biggest of yours .please if you have a time visit us again here in philippines please!!!thats all !!!kamsahamnida !!!SARANGHAE!!!

  16. Hwang Lin Ji

    Hi there, I’m Hwang Lin Ji- a Vietnamese girl, I like Kim Ki Bum in Super Junior. Now I’m studing Korean in a club. If you were a Korean please help me to study, add my ID in yahoo messenger:
    shmily_kiu_u or my email Thanks a lot!

  17. A few days ago, my dad purchased a DVD entitled RED CLIFF 3, and I was surprised to see SiWon there. He starred as the prince. It’s a chinese movie.

  18. super junior the best

  19. may i we want to download movie from my soju.. i want to download oh my lady.. do hav any idea??? tq

  20. hi suju i love so much i will see all youer drama and programs

  21. Thanx for the information

  22. Oops! We really love Super Junior Arab Alvanz We love you much success

  23. is the schedule really true??? is there any possibilities that SUJU will come again here in the philippines???

  24. saranghae sungmin

    i want see their film… @___@

  25. hi l am zena l love very very very very very super junyor l hope good singer for ever and l like kim ki bum . and lcan speak he?l live lraq

  26. no one know where i can find Golden Bride with engsub ?

  27. someone have seen Stage Of Youth ?

  28. i watched it its an intersting drama about xia lei that like to dance and sing but he couldnt because of his father that wanted him to do archer (weird sport they chose) anyways haha in the end his dreams come true because he worked hard for it beautiful drama stage of youth is

    i wana know why rainbow romance only has 7 episodes then cuts of the rest cause its funny although it old i like it please tell me where i can find the next 240 smething eps ==

  29. Skip Beat wow its a funny drama

  30. i love your blog.. ! ^___^

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