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Affiliation Requirments:

► Your Forum/website banner should not be less than 90×30 nor greater than 200×50
► You have to link ‘ICEPLUSCOFFEE’ first before you post your affiliation request.

Affiliation requests should only be posted here in this page :)

promote/affiliate  icepluscoffee with this banners

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36 thoughts on “AFFILIATES

  1. hi.. i’m from ELFes Favourite.
    i would like to invite you to do a discussion about how to improve our sites to be the best Super Junior’s fansite. All admins and moderators of your site are invited.

    The First Meeting:
    date~18 May 2010
    time~8 pm ( korean time )

    we will do our discussion at our FORUM site on the chatroll but you MUST register first.

    please do attend because we need to share all the info and tips to make our sites better and work hard together to support Super Junior.

    If you LOVE Super Junior, MAKE SURE you ATTEND..

    i’ll appreciate your attendance. and also all admins and moderators.

    p/s ~ please publish this news to all Super Junior fan sites that you know in order to gather world wide Super Junior’s Fansite Admins and Moderators.

    have a nice day..

  2. sorry, it’s not formotion, but forumotion

  3. @HY Kim
    the page no longer exists :(

    are you sure it is May 18?


    added!! :)

  4. @shipyon
    i need your site/forum’s button :)

    @HY Kim
    added :)

  5. don’t u want to make a new one?
    for 4th album?

  6. and can i ask for a bigger one? :)

  7. @blueballoonspl
    sure but you have to link ‘ICEPLUSCOFFEE’ first :)

  8. I’ve already linked you :)).

  9. Hello can I affiliate with you ?? ^^

    name blog :: Soshi World
    url ::
    banner ::

    Your banner has been placed on my site ^^

  10. Hello ? can you add me as an affiliate ???



  11. uhmmm….. this is the button rather..

    thanks!!! and BTW, Ive linked you already in my site :)

  12. Name : Kiss Hyuk
    Description : First Singapore Fanbase For Eunhyuk
    Link :
    Banner :

  13. Hello , can you add me as an affiliate ^^



  14. iheart5uperjunior

    hey there! Request to be added as an affiliate.


    Sorry no button made yet.
    Were an ELF fanbase from America :)

  15. iheart5uperjunior

    hey soorry to bug again but we just got a button made. heres the button url:×355-1.gif?t=1286516992

    Thanks! weve already added you:)

  16. Hello! I would like to apply for affiliation! :)
    My site’s name is Coordi Nuna. It is a blog for KPOP Celebrities Fashion and Style.
    My affiliate button:
    I have already added your site on my affies list:

  17. @ Kisshyuk, sash0o0o, iheart5uperjunior & Coordinuna

    added :)

  18. hi~
    we wanna affiliate with u, guys~

    Blog name : INFINITE SOUL
    URL :
    Banner link :
    Description :

    we already add yours at our blog affilite…
    thanks before~

  19. hi..i email you something about YEPA update..
    please check it

  20. Hello …. I send this mail to see if we can affiliate, I hope you understand my bad English … I await your response

  21. siwonbiased0825

    your image is broken, i can’t see it in my blog

  22. Hi There~
    – URL:
    – SITE DESCRIPTION: Top Korean Bands HQ Photoblog
    i have added you before ^^

  23. Hi this is cris from iheart5uperjunior.
    I’d like to add you to our partners page.
    We have a banner for our site, which you can add to your affiliates, or you can just keep our button up. It doesnt matter.

    We’ve been a fan of your blog every since we join the fan site family, so itll be nice to partner up and work together:)
    Ill take a screenshot of your header and use that as your banner. Thank you~!

  24. We would like to affiliate ^^
    Our link:
    If is to much big, tell me (:

  25. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Niki Thomas and I am the founder of the Sapphire Sky Project LLC. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but we would really appreciate your support to spread the word. The Sapphire Sky Project, or SSP, works towards bringing Super Junior around the world. Because we are American, our first goal city is Las Vegas. If this succeeds, it will be possible to bring Super Junior to any place that has the number of dedicated people necessary to complete the project. SSP will ultimately become a universal organization that can be used anywhere. Before Leeteuk leaves for the army, the Sapphire Sky Project wants to grant all of Super Junior and their leader a concert in the United States. We have specifically chosen the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reason we have decided to hold the concert in Las Vegas is because the accommodation prices are low, and the hotel we are working with offers visitor packages for all who attend. This package includes discounts on your hotel room, airplane flight, and more. The MGM Grand Garden Arena is also famous for hosting some of the world’s most prominent artists. If the Sapphire Sky Show in Las Vegas is successful, the Sapphire Sky Project will continue to reach other parts of the world. We told SME that we will be using the concert in Las Vegas as a starting point to see which countries are most represented at the concert. From there we will decide our next line of shows, and truly cover the sky with Pearl Sapphire Blue. If you would like proof of our actual existence, you can view our company charter on our website

    Please help support us on your website. I know that many ELF from around the world will be able to know about us if you do. Affiliation would be amazing and we’d be more than happy to put a link to your website on ours as well.

    Thank you so much.

    The Sapphire Sky Project LLC


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