[NEWS] Super Junior’s Siwon challenges the World Latte Art Championship

Super Junior’s Siwon, a model for the coffee brand Cafe Latte, recently challenged the World Latte Art Championship, which was held in Korea, the first country in Asia to hold the event.

Cafe Latte is one of the official sponsors for the World Latte Art Championship and held the Cafe Latte Contest on November 2 and 3 with about 50 world-renowned baristas.

At the event, the baristas showed off their own beautiful latte art. The winner’s work will be used as part of the package design for the new product from Cafe Latte in 2013. One percent of all profits from the sales of the product will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Korea for children who have incurable diseases and dream of becoming baristas.

Siwon became a one-day barista and learned latte art from the last year’s winner Chris Loukakis. He also cheered for the children sponsored by the Make-A-Wish Korea by providing people with latte that he made.

Loukakis says, “I was surprised by Siwon’s handsome face and talent in latte art.”



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