[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk says in tears, “I’ll take care of myself well”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently dropped tears.

On the episode of MBC Music’s All the K-pop that will air on October 26, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong will make a guest appearance and talk about Leeteuk, who will join the army on October 30.

In the shooting of the episode, Boom asked Leeteuk to give his thoughts on joining the army. Leeteuk said, “I’ll take care of myself well and come back as a real man,” and dropped tears, being sad about saying goodbye to people.

However, he soon made the audience laugh. On the show, two members of a new girl group also appeared as guests. According to reports, Boom asked the production team to cast them as guests.

When the members appeared in the studio, Leeteuk got surprised and became shy.

Leeteuk said one of the members is Boom’s ideal type and Boom once said, “I want to take care of the group along with A-Pink.”

Leeteuk and Boom found out that they were fascinated by the same girl group.

Boom got embarrassed by Leeteuk, and they struke sparks off each other throughout the shooting. The episode will air on October 26 at 11:00 p.m.

Source: Korea.com


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