[NEWS] Check out Super Junior’s Leeteuk with his tanned, well-built abs

Recently, Super Junior’s member Leeteuk revealed his six-pack abs.

On August 14, SBS’s Strong Heart aired the first part of the 74th national talk show competition.

Boom started off, “Today, Leeteuk decided to reveal his forehead especially for the actresses who are here tonight.” Then he put an emphasis on Leeteuk’s distinctive hair which is parted exactly in the middle. The emcee Lee Dong Wook also announced that the singer has become very confident of his figure after working out and joked, “He seems to be suffering from exhibitionism lately.”

When Boom added, “Let us reveal tonight, Leeteuk’s abs!” all cast of the show became surprised at the sight of tanned, well-built abs. On seeing his perfect muscle, actresses Kim Jung Nan and Park Hyo Joo could not close their mouths.

After receiving an explosive reaction from the cast and audience, Leeteuk gave a small performance with his perfect abs getting into the rhythm of his group’s song in the background. His shy, yet bold wave move caused another big stir.

The atmosphere heated up as he hugged Kim Jung Nan and Heo Yoon Jeong from behind.

The episode covered the cast of Kim Jung Nan, Park Hyo Joo, Jang Hyung Sung, Heo Yoon Jeong, Hae Geum, Go Na Eun, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Juri, Byun Ki Soo, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Yang Se Hyung.

Source: Korea.com


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