[NEWS] Super Junior M and EXO-M to perform at the 2012 Tainan International Music Festival

Scheduled to take place on September 8 at Taiwan’s Tainan Gymnasium, the 2012 Tainan International Music Festival recently announced its artist lineup, and it includes Korean groups Super Junior M and EXO-M!

The first Taiwanese music festival to invite artists from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, the 2012 Tainan International Music Festival will be seeing performances from Korean groups Super Junior M and EXO-M, Japanese group w-inds, and Taiwanese groups Lollipop F and Dream Girls.

In order to create a memorable evening for fans, the organization in charge of hosting the music festival has enlisted the use of the best sound systems to ensure high quality sound during performances. Extravagant stage sets are also being made so that the festival’s audience will be able to enjoy the festival visually as well.

Aside from performances, fans may also be able to interact with their idols throughout the festival. In fact, a representative of the festival has stated that the entertainment agencies of the invited artists have agreed to allow their artists to have close interactions with the audience. Therefore, there may be many opportunities for fans to shake hands or even hug their idols during the show.

Since the majority of the audience will be young students, the festival’s organizing committee has decided to lower ticket prices to make them more affordable. As a result, tickets range from 600 NTD to 3200 NTD, which is considerably cheaper than the average ticket price for a Korean or Japanese concert in Taiwan. Tickets have already gone on sale and can be purchased online.

Some of the invited artists have also shared their thoughts on performing at the music festival. Super Junior M has expressed their excitement of returning to perform once again in Taiwan, and some of the members are hoping for an opportunity to shop at the night markets or to eat Taiwanese delicacies during their stay. Japanese group w-inds hopes to go sightseeing and has already asked the festival’s organizing committee to arrange a visit to some of Tainan’s famous historical landmarks.

Will you be attending this year’s Tainan International Music Festival?

Source: Koreaboo.com


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