[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul closes his Twitter account

Super Junior member Heechul shut down his Twitter today, shocking and disappointing many of his fans. The reason why the singer decided to close his Twitter account was revealed through his final Twitter post in which he warned saesang fans to respect his privacy and to no longer follow him to his home or site of his military service.

Heechul also wrote that he has not yet fully recovered from the traumatic shock of a previous accident he had with a saesang fan and that he really despises having to run away for his life every single time he sees saesang fans. Therefore, he has decided to shut down his Twitter account for a year so that he can have a peaceful private life.

Heechul also warned taxi drivers in his final post about tricking international fans. He wrote that taxi drivers should not “rip-off” international fans who do not know Korea well.

In closing, Heechul said that he will resume tweeting next year, and he also thanked everyone who had wished him a happy birthday.

Credits: Koreaboo.com


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul closes his Twitter account

  1. Amiina Bryan Neitzel

    i could not believe that Heenim will closed his twitter account!.. i’m so sad…that sasaeng fans really make me crazy..hate that sasaeng fans…they make heenim became like that! suchhhhh~~

  2. Amiina Bryan Neitzel

    ahhhhhh…feel so frustrated!!!! i will miss you heenim…amiina promise you!

  3. what is saesang?

  4. hmmm…to put it mildly they are overly obsessed fans :)

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