[NEWS] Super Junior members reveal their most favorite tracks off of their new album

Each Super Junior member recently revealed their most favorite track from their new album “Sexy, Free & Single” during a press conference on July 3rd.

The first person to reveal his favorite song was Shindong, who chose the track “Daydream.” When asked why he chose “Daydream,” Shindong said that there was no special reason why he especially liked that song other than that he just happened to like it.

Ryeowook was then the next member to reveal his most favorite track, which was “Gulliver.” Ryeowook explained that he liked “Gulliver” the most because he was the main vocalist in the track.

Next, Donghae selected “From You,” the song dedicated to all ELFs, as his favorite track from the new album while Siwon chose “Someday.” Kangin, who had just returned from the military, chose “Rockstar” as his favorite track because he liked the song’s happy melody and catchy beat, which makes every listener want to dance along to the music. Fellow member Sungmin, on the other hand, strongly recommended that everyone listen to “Bittersweet,” which is a ballad that was sung by him, Yesung, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.

When it was Kyuhyun’s turn to name his favorite track, Kyuhyun sighed and said that based on the previous members’ responses, it seemed like he could only name one song as his favorite even though he really liked the entire album.

However, although the host of the press conference told Kyuhyun that he could name more than one song if he wanted to, Kyuhyun ultimately chose one track, “Now,” as his most favorite song on the album.

Following Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk also said that he liked all of the tracks on Super Junior’s new album, but he eventually named “Papillon” as his favorite song since its uplifting lyrics encouraged people to never give up.

The last person to reveal his most favorite track was Yesung, who chose “Breakup Day.” Yesung’s reason was that “Breakup Day” was the only song that had not yet been named as a favorite, and he also added that this track brought back memories of his own past breakups.

When asked whom he had broken up with, Yesung said that he breaks up with people on a daily basis, such as breaking up with all the media reporters after a press conference or a director upon finishing filming for a music video.

Which track on Super Junior’s sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” is your favorite?

Credits: Koreaboo.com

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