[NEWS] Super Junior reveals tracklist for comeback album

The tracklist for Super Junior’s comeback album “Sexy, Free & Single” has been revealed!

Scheduled to be released via online music portals on July 1, Super Junior’s sixth Korean album “Sexy, Free & Single” will have a total of ten songs, with each track showcasing a different musical style and dimension of the group.

From R&B styled songs to dance tracks to ballads, fans can look forward to hearing a variety of musical genres from Super Junior.

The title track “Sexy, Free & Single,” which is said to have a combination of R&B and house music, will be about the success stories of sexy, free and single men. With a catchy chorus and easy-to-remember lyrics, “Sexy, Free and Single” is bound to find favor with all Super Junior fans.

Also on the album is the upbeat R&B styled “From You,” which is a song that Super Junior has dedicated to ELF, their worldwide fan base. “From You” will also be promoted along with the title track “Sexy Free & Single,” so fans can look forward to seeing the group perform both songs on all music shows.

Another track on Super Junior’s comeback album is “Gulliver.” With lyrics written by Eunhyuk, “Gulliver” will use the novel “Gulliver’s Travels” as a way to describe the charismatic charm of each Super Junior member. Members Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae will lend their rapping skills to the song, while fellow member Ryeowook’s charming vocals will be incorporated into the track as well.

Super Junior will also be doing a remake of Lee Sangeun’s “Someday” on the album and showcase their matured vocal skills through the song.

Another song on the album is the track “Now,” which has an upbeat tempo and refreshing melody. With lyrics that describe the fun of a summer trip to the beach, “Now” will be released just in time to welcome the climax of summer.

While the song “Now” will show a more carefree side of Super Junior, the track “Rockstar” will showcase the group’s rocker charm. A song that combines elements of both electronic and hip-hop music, “Rockstar” will have lyrics that describe the passion and charm of a singer on the stage.

The rest of the tracks on Super Junior’s comeback album are “Bittersweet,” which will be sung by members Yesung, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook; “Papillon,” which is a dance track that provides encouragement for those who are feeling down; “Lingering,” which is a ballad; and “Breakup Day,” which is said to follow a creative and novel musical style.

What do you guys think about the tracklist?

Source: Korea Star Daily via Koreaboo.com

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