2012.03.10 [NEWS] [VIDEO] ‘We Got Married’ Leeteuk And Sora Cuts

Sora and Leeteuk made the move to their newlywed home on the March 10th episode of ‘We Got Married’.

That day Sora attempted to cook her husband a meal for breakfast and fellow member Donghae paid them a visit.

Leeteuk spoke on the phone while Sora toiled in the kitchen, nearly causing an accident burning the toast. Leeteuk, like a gentleman offered to take the responsibility off her hands, cooking the breakfast himself.

Donghae dropped by and while talking to TeukSo found out that Sora was good at English. He tried to greet her in English, shaking her hand but Leeteuk hurriedly prevented him saying ‘No touching.’ Donghae upped the ante claiming that was how Americans greeted eachother and attempted to hug Sora with Leeteuk quickly jumping between them.

Sora’s Fail At Cooking

credits: WeGotMarried2012 @ YT

Donghae And Sora Speaking English


Donghae Invades TeukSo’s Bedroom


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Source: ningin.com


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