[NEWS] Super Junior Donghae-Eunhyuk unit to make their way to Japan in April

Super Junior duo unit, Donghae-Eunhyuk, will be making their way to Japan this April. According to Super Junior’s official Japanese website on the 10th, the duo will release their hit Korean single “Oppa Oppa” on April 4th.

“Oppa Oppa” will be released in Japanese. The song has a fun and retro atmosphere with matching upbeat lyrics as well as an exciting and entertaining choreography. The track was first performed during Super Junior’s “Super Show 4” world tour last November as a gift to fans.

Japanese fans have expressed their excitement in the release of Donghae-Eunhyuk’s song release in Japan.

Super Junior is set to visit Japan at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka for “Super Show 4” and is expecting approximately 80,000 fans to be present. The popular group is also returning to Japan for another show in May.

Source: Star News via Uni (koreaboo.com)

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