[NEWS] Super Junior’s Shindong and comedian Kim Shin Young are decided to host Show Champion

Super Junior’s Shindong and comedian Kim Shin Young are selected as emcees for MBC Music’s new chart show Show Champion.

In MBC Music’s Show Champion which premiers on February 14, Shindong and Kim Shin Young are to report music chart issues and recent news in the world of singers every week in their own, special way of keeping their audience entertained.

Show Champion is a music chart show that broadcasts live every Tuesday at AX-Korea in Gwangjang-dong. The program aims the emcees, artists, and even the audience to be one in selecting “the champion” of music industry. It will also provide the most popular song, the hottest issue, and the best rookie of the week as a leading program of MBC Music.

Show Champion selects top 9 of the week by adding up 50%, 20%, 15% and another 15% of each field of soundtrack, album, preference of netizens, and evaluation by experts. The song at the top raking will earn the title “the Champion Song.” On the other hand, the star with the hottest issue will be named as “the Issue Champion, while the best rookie will be called, “the Rookie Champion.” The feature “Rookie Survival” draws particular attention because audience will get to give scores during the live broadcast.

The show also plans to have two different sets for singing and interviewing to combine characteristics of a variety show and a music program.

Show Champion’s emcees Shindong and Kim Shin Young have hosted a radio show together and become popular for leading the show nice and easy with some jokes and entertainment. Also, they showed off perfect teamwork, making more radio fans every day. Now they are building expectations over how they are going to host the show.

The production crew says, “Shindong and Kim have skills in leading any show cheerfully and smoothly, with some special individual skills, of course. We also found that they have similar color to our program such as communicating with the audience and reporting interviews and recent music news. We believe that people from different age groups will also be able to enjoy the show”

Show Champion will premiere on February 14 at 7:00 p.m. and will broadcast live for 90 minutes at AX- Korea in Gwangjang-dong every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

Source: TV Report via hannacha (en.korea.com)

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