[NEWS] Check Super Junior’s Leeteuk out! He is dubbed as “the master of race walking”

A video of Super Junior’s Leeteuk race walking draws attention among netizens.

On January 24, a video clip in which Leeteuk doing a race walking was uploaded on a video-sharing website, YouTube.

The clip shows Leeteuk demonstrating for the race walking in MBC’s the “Idol” Track-And-Field Championships in the beat of 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” in the background.

Leeteuk was the emcee of the game and has demonstrated the race walking with Boom.

On last year’s the “Idol” Track-And-Field and Swimming Championships, Leeteuk has drawn attention with his unique way of race walking and dubbed as the “master of fast walking.” He inspires laughter in the recent video by repeating his particular way of race walking.

Netizens who saw the video comment: “The song is perfect for his race walking.” “It’s so funny.” “You’re the master of race walking, teacher Teuk.” “How can he walk that well?” “I want to see him walking like that in person.”

Source: TV Report via hannacha (en.korea.com)


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