[NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk Entertainer Boom Transforms as “Hulk” and “Lady Gaga”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and entertainer Boom recently transformed themselves as “Hulk” and “Lady Gaga” respectively.

On January 15, before noon, Leeteuk tweeted a picture with the comment, “’Hulk,’ the greatest wrestler of all times and ‘Lady Boom Boom,” a freak in the pop world.

In the picture, Leeteuk appears transformed as “Hulk Hogan,” an American wrestler. A yellow costume with sham muscle makes people laugh out loud. Next to Lee, Boom, transformed as “Lady Gaga,” with blonde wig and see-through look, also catches the eye.

Netizens responded: “They are the greatest transformer of our times.” “Is that for the opening of Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship, right? I’m looking forward to watching it.” “The Boom & Teuk Academy, Go!”

The twosome will be appearing MBC’s Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships that airs on January 24.

Source: Starnews via cloud2c2h (en.korea.com)


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