[NEWS] Super Junior’s Shindong goes to a ski resort: “I’m a snowboarder!”

Super Junior’s Shindong reveals a picture of himself at a ski resort.

On January 13 at 2:30 p.m., Shindong tweeted a picture with the comment “I’m a snowboarder!! It’s my first riding in 2012…^^ I haven’t ridden on a snowboard for a while and my feet hurt a bit.”

In the picture, Shindong is standing in the middle of white field covered with snow. He is wearing a woolen hat, a pair of blue sunglasses, and a stripped muffler. He makes an expression as if saying “Ah~” drawing fans’ attention.

Netizens react: “Wow ride with me~ It looks fun!” “I want to see Shindong oppa riding a snowboard. I’m not good at it.” “You look cold but cute. I envy you~ Hope you have fun!”

Super Junior is riding high with its popularity, and its songs “Mr. Simple” and “Bonamana” were placed on first and second rankings of 2011 Korean Music Chart by Taiwan’s music website KKBOX.

Source: Starnews via hannacha (en.korea.com)

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