[NEWS] Super Junior dominates Taiwan’s album sales charts

SM Entertainment has announced on January 13 that Super Junior dominatedTaiwan’s 2011 Korean Music Chart with “Mr. Simple” from its regular fifth album and “Bonamana” from its regular fourth album according toTaiwan’s renowned music site KKBOX.

Super Junior’s “Bonamana” from its fourth album set a new record by first staying on top for 63 weeks on the chart in KKBOX’s history, and then “Mr. Simple” from its fifth album for 21 weeks on the same chart, which means that Super Junior has kept the top position on the chart since June, 2010.

In addition, “Mr. Simple” proved its high popularity inTaiwanby raking top also on Kuang Nan’s album sales ranking of the Korean-Japan album category.

The second mini album, Perfection, of Super Junior M, Super Junior’s Chinese sub-unit, ranked second on Kuang Nan’s 2011 album sales ranking of the Chinese album category, recording similar results from local top stars such as Alan Luo and Jay Chou.

Source: Starnews via minongzii (en.korea.com)


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