[NEWS] Super Junior Siwon in Manila for a Commercial Shoot

“On my way to the airport now going to MANILA! A New Year new night in MANILA PHILIPPINES ! Yoohoo!”

Many fans got curious and asked why is he going to Manila. Many of them also signified that they will go to the airport to greet him.

Dongho of U-Kiss also replied “Oh so you went to Manila. hehe. Because of you, Hyung, my English is getting better kk. Please take care and come back safely ^^hehehe Hi~ Manila!!”

After arriving in Manila, Siwon tweeted again saying “I just arrived. What’s up Manila! Still new (New Year’s) day here!” With a photo of the airport full of passengers. Apparently his flight landed few minutes after 11pm in Philippine time.

Then he replied to Dongho’s tweet

“I have to learn Chinese from you~^^Dongho ya, have a prosperous New Year again~^^ It’s still 11:25pm here.”Since Philippine time is an hour behind Korea, a Happy New Year greeting was still “officially” valid.

After that he tweeted again

“Everyone I’m in Manila for a commercial shoot! It’s not yet 12mn here so let me greet you..^^ There are many things that happened in year 2011. For 2012, I wish you all happiness, all the time, and more fortune to come. I love you all^^!”

Siwon’s arrival in the Philippines is a big surprise to many fans. Based on Siwon’s tweet, the only definite information is that he is in Manila for a commercial shoot. However, there are many speculations as it became a hot topic on Twitter and many online forums. Some are saying that he will be filming a commercial for a local clothing line. Some say that other Suju members, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk are also with him. While some claim that it is only Kyuhyun. Some fans also say that there is one more member, who might be Leeteuk or the group’s manager who is commonly called Prince Manager. Hopefully, we could get a clearer picture of what’s really happening after Manila’s beautiful sunrise greets Siwon.

Filipino fans showed their supports by waiting outside the airport even though it was a surprised announcement. Some said they could not sleep knowing that Siwon is just in the same city with them.

Source: Choi Siwon’s Twitter
written by jmsupercute @ en.korea.com

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