[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk has a special hobby of collecting female celebrities’ numbers?

Super Junior’s Sungmin exposed Leeteuk’s true nature.

On the special episode of MBC TV’s We Got Married – Honey that aired on December 31, each couple’s acquaintances have appeared and had a shadow talk. Sungmin made a special appearance as Leeteuk’s acquaintance.

Sungmin exposed, “Leeteuk has been hosting a radio show for a long time now. Whenever a female guest appears, he would exchange numbers with them. However, he never actually contacted them.”

Leeuteuk was taken aback and shouted at Sungmin, but Sungmin gave a good laugh by quietly saying, “Is collection numbers your hobby?”

At that same moment, Bae Gi Sung who appeared as Kim Won Joon’s acquaintance chipped in Sungmin. Bae said, “I appeared as a guest for Leeteuk’s radio show many times, but whenever I asked him for his number he said that his agency wouldn’t let him use his phone. I think he’s only exchanging female guests’ numbers.”

Leeteuk tried to explain urgently by saying, “That’s wrong!” but Bae gave a good laugh by saying, “That’s not wrong. You’re wrong!”

Source: TV Report via ilnungcha (en.korea.com)


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