[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin as A Corporal: “Does He Look Cute Again?”

A picture of Kangin as a corporal with little time left in the army has been released by an internet user.

A picture of Kangin has recently been uploaded on an online community board with the comment, “A latest picture of Kangin. Does he look cute again?”

In the picture, Kangin is showing off his white skin in military uniform that makes him look like a corporal.

Kangin raised a scandal in 2009 by being accused of assault and driving drunk, and eventually left Super Junior and joined the army in July 2010.

At that time, Kangin surprised many fans by showing his looks that didn’t look like an idol group member at all because of drinking often and a lot of stress. However, it seems like he is getting his cute look back by living a well-regulated life and exercising regularly during his military service.

A person who uploaded the picture said, “Even a few months ago, I couldn’t believe Kangin was an idol group member. However, he is becoming cute like before again.”

People responded: “I feel like I can see Moohyul (Jo Jin Woong) from his look,” “I’m so glad that he looks as cute as before,” “Please come back to Super Junior soon.”

Source: TV Report via eternalc2h@en.korea.com


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