[NEWS] How’s it going These Days, Heechul?

In the afternoon on December 27, Trax’s Jung Mo posted on his Twitter page a photo featuring the friendly gathering with Super Junior’s Heechul with the comment: “I had an exciting time together with Heechul, who just got off work, and actor Eun Gyung. This is a restaurant for a pork and kimchi.”

In the photo,Jung Mo, one of the members of the two-boy band Trax, is staring toward the camera along with actor Shim Eun Gyung and Kim Heechul, taking characteristic poses. It might be a great chance to peek into how Heechul is getting along these days because he is currently serving as a public service worker.

Jung Mo posted one more photo with the comment that said, “Eun Gyung is a big fan of band music. Yeah! Rock and Roll~!” The photo proves how close they are.

Fans who saw the photos left lots of comments: “It’s been a long time, Heechul!” “I’m relieved to know that you’re doing great as a serviceperson.” “I wish to have been there with you guys.”

Source: Starnews via minongzi@en.korea.com


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