[NEWS] Mothers of three Super Junior recruit for a Cafe

Despite the close friendship among Super Junior members, their families are also seen to be in a very amicable relations.

Recently, leader Leeteuk informed fans through his tweet, “I didn’t know about it before that on 22nd of this month my mother, Sungmin’s mother and Kyuhyun’s mother are inaugurating their Coffee Shop, ‘KonaBeans’, at Apgujeong” He further wrote for his mother, “Mom you’ve been lonely for so long, I hope you’ll enjoy it here. I’ll help you too”

Leeteuk’s this news spread a great excitement among fans, previously there were two places for Super Junior’s possible presence viz Yesung’s ‘Handle & Gretle‘ and Siwon’s Mothers’ store, but now there is another place for ELF.

Fans commented, “Wow!! congrats to mothers, It’ll be awesome” ,”Super Moms Fighting!!” ,”i love it how their mothers are also close and doing work together” ,”So when I’ll be in Korea I’d go to H&G then KonaBeans”

Source:Leeteuk‘s twitter
Picture source: ELFamazing
written by alia@en.korea.com 


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