[NEWS] [TRANS] Super Junior’s Mothers Open A Coffee Shop

TRANS: 22nd of this week, my mom, sungmin’s mom, and kyuhyun’s mom are opening a coffee shop..only I didn’t know about it..it’s KonaBeans of Apgujeong! (credits: twELFS)

TRANS: Mom you’ve been lonely for so long, so i hope you enjoy the work^^I’ll help out a lot too^^ (credits: TwELFs)

Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk tweeted in regards to his mother on 20th of December 2011. He tweeted twice informing followers that his mother, in collaboration with Sungmin’s and Kyuhyun’s moms is opening a Coffee Shop. He assured he in the tweet that he would help out and made sure he included the name so that ELF could support her as well. Leeteuk comes off as a good, supportive son to  his mother, delighting his fans.

Source:  https://twitter.com/#!/special1004  (Leeteuk’s Twitter)

Fuck YeahSuperJuniorTrans: Mom…FuckYeahSuperJuniorTrans: My mom… (Fuck Yeah Super Junior)


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