[NEWS] Super Junior’s Shindong Says, “I’m now The Cutest Guy in Super Junior!”

Super Junior’s Shindong is aiming at becoming the cutest guy in Super Junior.

On December 16, Shindong uploaded a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “Wow! I was surprised to see that a muscular body is that popular! So I’m releasing a second version! I’m borrowing Siwon’s body this time! Siwon, you now know the reason why I’m not trying to build up muscle, right? If I do, the cutest guy is going to be me! (I’m sorry, Siwon)”

The second version after the composite picture released on December 15 provokes a laugh as it superimposes Shindong’s face on to a picture of Siwon’s muscular body.

Shindong has recently made his fans worried by saying that he was gaining weight again. However, he made his fans laugh this time by releasing the composite picture and joking that he would be able to be the cutest member of Super Junior if he gets abs.

People responded: “You’ve got to be at the center of Super Junior from now on!” “I guess the God is fair!” “Shindong, have you been learning Photoshop recently?”

Super Junior have recently released “Santa U Are The One,” a title song of SM Town’s winter album, The Warmest Gift.

Source: TV Report via eternalc2h@en.korea.com


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