[NEWS] Choi Si Won Performs With 3rd Wave Pastor at Super Show 4

Choi Si Won was in Osaka, Japan for Super Junior’s “Super Show 4″ tour and a very special guest joined him onstage.

On December 10th, Si Won performed a christian song for his loving Elfs with Pastor Johnny of 3rd Wave Music. Last year, Si Won recorded the song “Looking For The Day” for 3rd Wave’s “I’ll Be There” album and this year he had the pastor behind the music minstry accompany him on this international tour stop. The pastor and Si Won tweeted images from the show later that night.

Check out their twitter updates below:

Si Won: “Today is not buzz light year. it’s SUPERMAN!! Hahaha!! before getting on the stage. With PJ from 3RD WAVE!”

PJ: “You guys wanna see something? Here is @siwon407 and I right now! I took a really good one for @donghae861015 too!”

PJ: “This time Siwon and I played guitar together!!!! Enjoy!”

PJ: “I seriously need to diet now! “

Si Won: “after late dinner in dotonmori. It was really delicious.”

Sources: @Siwon407 and @3rdWaveMusic
Written by: singer (en.korea.com)


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