[NEWS] We Got Married: Kang So Ra Gives Leeteuk Another Mission

Sunny starlet Kang So Ra recently gave a new mission to Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk.

On the episode on MBC’s We Got Married that aired on December 3, the newly weds’ date in a school that started airing last week was continued. The pair had a quality time, interviewing each other with a toy mic for fun on the rooftop of the school.

Lee first interviewed Kang, pretending he was a reporter from an entertainment program. When asked what your husband was like, the starlet replied, “I am not that forgiving person. I will give you a chance to make up the mission you failed.”

The mission is for a love token between the lovebirds. And Leeteuk recently failed to complete the mission given by his wife.

So Kang gave him another mission for which the hubby has to gesture a batman mask in public appearance. Lee got embarrassed, but Kang said, “You failed to complete the last mission. So you deserve it. I felt a bit disappointed. And I guess this mission is no big deal.”

But, in a minute, Kang might have felt sorry for him, and changed the mission into an easier one. The meek hubby promised that he would even do the batman gesture if possible.

Meanwhile, Kim and Park tried role-playing to be in each other’s shoes. And Eunjung and Jang Woo invited Eunjung’s mom over.

Source: TV Report via cloud2c2h(en.korea.com)


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