[NEWS] SJ’s Leeteuk and Donghae Pose Before Large Clique of Fans

Super Junior’s fan following in world is not hidden, so there is no surprise in large number of fans’ gathering at the set of ‘12plus‘ to see their favorite K-pop idols.

Recently, SJ’s Donghae and Leeteuk, who have been endorsing ’12 plus’ brands,  went to Thailand for the shooting of ‘12 plus‘ CF, a lot of fans gathered at the set to get a glimpse of these idols.

Donghae who was thawed by seeing loving ELF (SJ’s official fan base) tweeted, “After shooting of ’12 plus’ CF with Leeteuk I saw so many ELF gathered for us. Thank you Thai ELF” Afterwards Leeteuk also tweeted, “With Donghae, Long time no see Thai ELF. Thank you for being with us no matter what.”

Both shared a picture posing brightly in front of a large jostling clique of fans.

Source: Leeteuk‘s and Donghae‘s Twitter.
Written by: alia (en.korea.com)


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