[NEWS] Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Photo Before Plastic Surgery, Miracle of Double Eyelids?

Super Junior Kyuhyun’s photo before plastic surgery became an issue.

The issue was created based on the picture posted on one of the online community websites on the 27th.

People responded to the pictures of Kyuhyun before his plastic surgery, “he looks just the same as before except for the double eyelids,” “the genuine miracle of double eyelids,” “he looked also cute when he was younger,” and so on.

On MBC TV Golden Fishery-Radio Star, aired on the 26th, Yoon Jong Shin asked Kyuhyun, “I heard you were being called as miracle of double eyelids. what does it mean by that?” Kyuhyun answered, “all my family members had double eyelids except for me,” confessing his double eyelid surgery.

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Source: TV Report 
via eternalc2h@en.korea.com 


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