[NEWS] Eunhyuk’s Love Confession “Sooyoung Looks Like Barbie When First Debuted”

Eunhyuk’s confession about Sooyoung looks like Barbie has been gaining attention.

On famous KBS2TV Variety show, “Nocturnal” , Eunhyuk appeared as the MC, and made a love confession .

He revealed, on Trainee days, they were playing board game together, then eunhyuk said, “At that time, I started to like Sooyoung”and then Sooyoung replied jokingly, “I dont like eunhyuk, but i like the board game”

Meanwhile, he also revealed When he first saw Sooyoung he said, “She has long hair, she’s prettiest out of all SNSD member and the most attractive too. She is as beautiful as Barbie doll”

and then he revealed, “Even now, Out of all SNSD Members, Sooyoung is the prettiest”

Meanwhile, this episode will be broadcasted on 28th November.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang
Edited by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang
Take out with full credit!


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