[NEWS] Movie “Da Wu Sheng”, Wu Chun, Hankyung & Barbie Hsu Joins, Action Director is Sammo Hung, Oscar Winning Producer – 2 Articles

Gao XiaoSong’s Movie “Da Wu Sheng”, Wu Chun, Hankyung & Barbie Hsu Joins

Ent QQ reports: Internationally invested Republic of China era martial arts movie “Da Wu Sheng” recently started filming in Shanghai. The movie is produced by famous American producer Andre Morgan famous for producing multiple Ocscar winning films such as “Million Dollar Baby”. Internationally renowned martial arts director Sammo Hung will be this film’s martial arts director and China’s golden top screen writer Zou Jinzhi will be the screen writer of the movie. A group of top Chinese and American industry professionals all joins Gao Xiaosong due to “Da Wu Sheng”’s extremely thrilling story line, and Gao’s creative spirit. The leads of this movie Wu Chun, Hankyung and Barbie Hsu has all entered the filming crew, and will start a shooting experience filled with challenges.

Thrilling Story Attracts Golden Screen Writer

“Da Wu Sheng”’s original story idea originated seven years ago, three years ago, when Gao Xiao Song told this story to Zou, this golden level screen writer who created “Xian Li Zou Dan Xing”, “Kang Xi Wei Fu Si Fang”, “Song Lian Sheng Zuo Tang”, “The Bronze Teeth” was deeply attracted by the story. After three years of editing and corrections from Zou who specializes in historical dramas and films, “Da Wu Sheng” gradually turned from the original story idea to a full movie script.

Zou, with more then 20 years of literature writing experience, and 15 years of screen writing experience said, “I spend a lot of time repeatedly fixing “Da Wu Sheng”’s script because I really like these sincere characters, I really like this honor is more important then personal differences of the story. The story deeply moved me, and I believe it will move every watcher.

Perfect Script moves Oscar producer

With more then 40 years of experience in the movie industy, Andre Morgan who produced “Million Dollar Baby” and many Oscar winning movies, who is called the “Oscar gold medal producer”, has recently been opening the Chinese market, he was also the producer of Chinese films such as “Perhaps Love”, “The Warlords” etc.

As a gold medal producer who is very familiar with the trends of the Oscars and the Chinese movie industry, Andre Morgan believes that the most important thing for a movie is the script and the script of “Da Wu Sheng” is one of the best that he has seen in the 40 years he spent in the movie industry, “The story of “Da Wu Sheng” is about story of young people, their dreams, persistence, their friendship, love, their combat, struggle, this is a story that can be understood and liked by all the young people in the world. I was deeply enthralled when I first read this story, after that, I met the creator of the story, Gao Xiao Song, he is one of the few Chinese directors that not only really understands himself but is also willing to listen to others and the voice of the market. I asked him to show me how he wanted to film the movie by drawn images of scenes, and he worked on it with a Hollywood screen artist in LA for half a year and drew 1500 scenes. After reviewing them carefully, I believe he has a lot of creative ideas in regarding making a movie, he is ready.

Brand New Idea of Creating the most Stunning Martial Arts Scene

As a huge Action Romance production, one of most attractive points of “Da Wu Sheng” is the action scenes. For this, producer Andre Morgan invited the “International number one martial arts director” Sammo Hung. With 40 years of experience as a martial arts director for over 200 movies, from “Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber”, “Wong Fei-Hung” to the recent box office hit “Ip Man1,2” and “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” Sammo Hung as the world renowned Martial Arts Director has never disappointed the fans.

After reading the script for “Da Wu Sheng”, Sammo Hung immediately accepted the role of the Martial Arts Director. The most important reason was: in the more then 200 foreign and Chinese films participated in, less then ten could really be said as having a really good script, “Da Wu Sheng” is one of them. Another important reason is that in designing the action scenes, director Gao Xiao Song’s creative views stimulated his crave for creativity. “The director wants to show the most stunning action scenes, because the Dawushengs (T/N: a type of Chinese opera performer that specialized in martial arts) are the most handsome on the stage. Different from the realistic fighting of “Ip Man”, the action scenes of “Da Wu Sheng” stresses on the most handsome, cool and stunning ways of fighting. “We will try the newest martial arts designs, use filming methods to show visual results impossible to do on stage on the big screens; this is a very challenging process that will definitely be interesting.” At the most recent Golden Horse Movie Awards, Sammo Hung won the best action design award with “Ip Man 2”, making everyone looking forward to his newest work “Da Wu Sheng” even more.

Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net
Source: EntQQ


Sammo Hung received an award again at the Golden Horse Awards Ceremony 2010.11.22

Personally trained Hankyung and Wu Chun

A day before, the 47th Golden Horse Award Ceremony ended officially and successfully, Sammo Hung, yet bagged another award, Best Action Design, with his effort in <IP Man 2>. This further emphasized his position in the Chinese movie industry as an action director. After receiving the award, Sammo Hung went back to Shanghai immediately, to continue as a action director in an upcoming movie, <Da Wu Sheng>.

Sammo Hung wishes to train new action stars

In these recent years, there were many Chinese action movies, but it couldn’t escape criticism like, ‘Old-fashioned fighting actions’, ‘all the old faces in the movie’. Only up till the <IP Man> series came out, actions directed by Sammo Hung, the movie is new, realistic fighting style, this allowed the audiences to finally see ‘the comeback of a real action movie’. Regarding his anticipation towards future action movies, Sammo Hung revealed that he wishes to train more new and upcoming action stars: ‘It was only these few years that the expectations towards action movies are getting higher, I hope that action movies will get better and better. Like this, we can uncover more newcomers, and there would be more action stars.’

He did what he said, the new movie, <Da Wu Sheng>, Sammo Hung taught Hankyung and Wu Chun personally. 3 months before the actual filming, Sammo Hung already got the two main leads to start training. From the basics, one move at a time and trained them slowly. The two main leads were up to expectations and were very hardworking. According to some sources, although the filming only started not long ago, the skills of Wu Chun and Hankyung had already earned the recognition of Sammo Hung.

Actions of <Da Wu Sheng> would be new and will have breakthrough

Talking about the fighting style in <Da Wu Sheng>, Sammo Hung emphasized on ‘innovation and breakthrough’: ‘Da Wu Sheng’ is the most glamourous and suave heroes on stage, and are well-respected by many. So the director requested for the fighting scenes to be the nicest, the actions must be practical and nice at the same time. <Da Wu Sheng> emphasizes on cool and handsome fighting actions, and they would try out new action design. And, also using movie techniques to present the effects on the big screen, for the audiences to enjoy.

For innovation and breakthrough, Sammo Hung, directed the actions of <Da Wu Sheng>, he gathered the crème of the crop in his troupe. One of them is Yuan Biao, only by the orders of his senior, he joined the crew and acted as one of the important roles. And Qian Jia Le, who already been an action director for many movies, he will be the assistant action director of his ‘big brother’, Sammo Hung. We can say that, the action crew of <Da Wu Sheng> is one of the best and glamourous team.

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Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
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