[NEWS] Leeteuk Has Wanted Yoona To Marry Him For 7 Years



Yoonah has revealed that Leeteuk has wanted to marry her for 7 years.

On the show SBS “Strong heart” which was aired on October 27th, Yoonah said “There is a person here who always said to me that I’m his ideal type” and caught attention from other people.

Then she pointed out that person is Super Junior’s Leeteuk. She said “I was a trainee since I’m 13. Leeteuk was 20 then and since that time, he always says jokingly to me that I should marry him”. After hearing this, Leeteuk had said without hesitant “Yoonah is really my ideal type” and “Yoonah calls me every night to ask me to give her advice. So I really think that she likes me”

MC Lee SeungGi after heard Leeteuk said that Yoonah was his ideal type had said “I always think that Leeteuk is a weird person”. Later on, FTTS’s Brian had said “Yoonah is almost my ideal type…I will make her my girl…” which made Leeteuk covered Yoonah’s ears with both his hands and made everybody laughing.

Also, the three people (Leeteuk, SeungGi, Brian) had given a big interest to Yoonah’s story although it’s not funny just to win her heart.

original article here, here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net


5 thoughts on “[NEWS] Leeteuk Has Wanted Yoona To Marry Him For 7 Years

  1. gosh! Yoona! i think im gonna Faint! she looks dashing here! Leeteuk! kay Angel-noona ka na!! wag ka na kay Yoona please! akin siya!

  2. yoona’s one of my favorites in snsd :p teuk and his prince illness. hahaha. so many male artistes mentioned that yoona is their ideal type. aww. im jealous of her pretty face, height and character T_T and whats with the seunggi-yoona photo? what did they do that for? pardon me, i din watch strongheart. only saw the caps there, something about liking boyfriend’s gift?

  3. seriously i said taeyeon,tiffany,yuri is prettier.
    but i guess shes kindda pretty.

  4. i don’t i had ever laughed harder watching this episode.
    personally i love teuk, and hope for his happiness, but i am so jealousssss :P
    loved when he did his elmo laugh to cover everything up HAHA.
    seungki-brian-leeteuk triangle goin on…and add taecyeon…

  5. I really love yoona… I hope leeteuk and yoona would really get married.. ha3

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