[TRANS] Kang Jun Young’s Cyworld Entry About Kangin 2009.10.20

Kang Jun Young’s Cyworld Entry 2009.10.2o 08:21



Hyung’s subsequent bad incidents…
going up and down the netizens’ lips
and what is worse..some headless chickens
have petitions in hope to get
Kangin hyung banned from Super Junior?
That’s what I heard they’re trying to do..
As for these really scary and invisible enemies…
now it’s creepy..
they drag one person to hell just like that
like with 2pm’s Leader Jeabeom…I believe!
Right now hyung is continuously getting involved in bad occurrings..
but he’s a man who could definitely be standing next to the fans
with a good image like in the picture again!
Although I couldn’t be in the same boat..nevertheless, within Super Junior,
where this can’t be omitted, it’s Kangin who has the most influence,
whether small or big everyone made some kind of a mistake in their lifetime.
Along with the harsh lesson he’s getting due to this incident, I would like for our supportive hand
and love to reach hyung..because it’s really tough on hyung..
All headless chickens too, please..we’re all the same kind of people
and you could see it as guiding a single household
it would be nice if you could think of him as a son that’s like a big pillar and just warmily embrace him.
Although I am a dongseng to hyung, and even though at one point we weren’t on good terms..for that reason I feel more affectionate towards him and when I’m having a hard time he was the person I could go to.
I believe all E.L.F. will give hyung a lot of strength.
I’m saying it once again..as if nothing, the Kangin hyung by our side, by the fans’ side
is not the Kangin who is currently in front of the TV viewers..
I will pray for Kangin to be perceived as essential to the core of Super Junior.
Hyung! I’m praying a lot..I trust hyung, nothing bad will happen!
Keep your chin up! I’m always grateful and, even if we can’t see each other often, thank you for calling me too
and being concerned about me..so come back again quickly!!!!
Because I’m not the only one who’s waiting for hyung, everyone is…
all these people joining forces for the ban and all are many but that crap doesn’t even make sense..the thing we can do..is that all of us pray for hyung!
because trying to fight with these headless chickens just makes you exactly stoop down to their level..
It’s extremely difficult for all E.L.F. as well, since it’s painfully tough for the members too..
I would like it if we could give each other strength.
I’m ending this entry with hopes of hyung quickly winning over these headless chickens..
by showing a good image again and hopes of him returning as Super Junior Kangin…

—-p.s: I like hyung’s big and lively smile so much..so I look at the picture again..
———-Even more when I meet hyung I’d like to hear the sound of hyung’s laughter..especially now..
————–So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come back soon…hyung…

*This is Kang Junyoung; he was a trainee at SM Entertainment and was also chosen to be a Super Junior member. He left the group only a few weeks before their debut, and was thus quickly replaced by Ryeowook. Up to this day he’s still believed to be the guy with white hoodie who danced with the boys at the October 2005 Showcase aired on M.net 100% [X]

credits: 강준영 Cyworld

trans: Gaia @ sj-world.net


10 thoughts on “[TRANS] Kang Jun Young’s Cyworld Entry About Kangin 2009.10.20

  1. very sweet.. tearjerker kang jun young..

  2. Awwww. Really sweet of him.

  3. that’s super sweet.. and i think it echos all our thoughts on the kangin case.. good luck kangin oppa! hope you will stand strong and come back to the entertainment business stronger and better :) major support from me!!

  4. Kangin will never be kicked out from SuJu…dat will never happen…I hope he will be back soon….Im standing behind him!..

  5. that’ touching! >< i'll admit that im not a big fan of kangin but,,, i am on his side!

  6. also i want Kangin’s smile
    his smile is really precious for me

    kangin fighting!!!

  7. kangin elf will always be by ur side!
    kang JunYoung is so sweet!

  8. he was the supposedly 12th member? ooooo. hwaiting~

  9. that’s sweet of him.
    right now, kangin needs a lot of support. :)

  10. these are the kinds of stuff fans need to think now.

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