[NEWS] Hankyung Reveals On “Tian Tian Xiang Shang” That He Wishes To Get Married

Author: MuDan lvxing wang 2009/10/15

At the time of recording, SJ-M performed their latest songs from their mini album 《super girl》、《sorry sorry》and more. Quick beats and gorgeous dance together with SJ-M suave image, stunned many audience members. In China, the Korean members’ mandarin have improved. Under Tian Tian brothers’s Mcing, Kyu Hyun learnt how to speak Chang Sha dialect and stunned the audience who were from Chang Sha because he spoke the dialect with near perfect intonation. But what shocked the audience most was Han Geng. As he revealed a SJ-M secret, other than introducing the members’ strength, he revealed that every time when the members stand, there is a rule that they have to adhere to. If one should stand in a wrong place, it would feel unnatural, because during performace in every position the member stand in, there is a certain role to be played. At the live recording, under the screams of the fans, SJ-M’s members demonstrate how in the album’s promotional pictures, (the members) positions were done.

During Tian Tian brothers interview, Han Geng revealed that he wanted to get married and have a mindset to achieve this goal within 5 years, causing pandemonium among the audience.

Facing the mutli-talented SJ-M members, Tian Tian brothers won’t concede defeat. But when Henry performed MJ(Michael Jackson) famous moves and his amazing violin performance, Ou di finally conceded defeat. During the recording, the most touching scene is when the members who were going to celebrate their birthdays soon received blessings and special little gifts from their fans.

Original Source here
Translated by: InweTinuviel@SJ-World.net


8 thoughts on “[NEWS] Hankyung Reveals On “Tian Tian Xiang Shang” That He Wishes To Get Married

  1. Awwww…. Marry me Hangeng BB!!! LOL

  2. I’m still not gonna lose hope for HanChul. LOL!
    Joking! Really, he needs a girlfriend/wife.
    But, don’t you think it’s a bit early?

  3. Han Geng has always wanted to get married.



  4. Hangeng, I’m not in China yet, so u cant marry:)))))
    I also think it’s early a little bit and i think SM won’t allow guys to marry while they r perfoming..

  5. hangeng
    should find some1
    enjoy yr life
    have a GF

  6. I’m so bored when hearing Han Geng say that ^^,but I hope he has a good girlfriend early.Happy day to Han Geng oppa!!!!!!!!

  7. Han Geng oppa,fighting!!! I will always support u.^-^

  8. alyenora i agreed with you on the fact that sm may not allowed that i meing the fans are gonna be crushed if he gets married at this age his not even thirty yet.don’t forget the fact that (and i did my research jeje)a LOT of asians star don’t get married at the normal age like between their 20’s and 30’s, if they ever get married they get married when they are in the mids 40’s because at that point of their life their work is not as demanding of their free time like when they are young and they can have the oportunity to live a normal personal life without their fans getting in the way.for example yunho from dbsk he said he loves children ones and that he will love to have 15746875 kids jeje meaning a lot of kids but never mention to get married even jaejoong admit that he is not that interested in getting married or kids what so ever(not a surprise for me because honestly it doesn’t look like the family type of guy) anyway… i also hear in a interview about tvxq when they ask their manager what would happen if they have a girlfriend or if they are interested in someone and he said that is impossible for them to have a girlfriend now is even prohibited for them to have one.
    sm has full control over their stars….:(

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