[NEWS] IU & Eunhyuk Are Like A Couple


On the 5th “Incheon Grand Park”
KBS held “superjunior’s kiss the radio” special public broadcast,
IU and superjunior’s eunhyuk shared a celebratory stage together.

This event was held together with the
“Girls Association International Camp” Opening,
on the 5th at Incheon Grand Park.

SNSD, SHINee, 4Minute, FTIsland, KARA, 2AM, IU, KWill, 8eight, M, Chae Yeon
and other stars were at this public broadcast, the opening event continued successfully.

credits: bntnews & sujuonly13forever.5d6d.com
translated by: eunmi@sj-world.net


6 thoughts on “[NEWS] IU & Eunhyuk Are Like A Couple

  1. Aww that’s super cute. I love both of them. ^^

  2. i just watched music bank
    just now…..
    UI definitely just
    stand still while singing
    its really boring
    she should dance
    even a bit
    so…her song will not be
    that dead boring

  3. urikarii heenim

    i like both of them,nice couple

  4. she’s too little-girl for hyuk :(

  5. I agree with siraesshi…? lol
    IU and Eunhyuk are both awesome but not really… “couple” material, imo

  6. i like this couple <3
    even though IU seems like a little girl to him, but she is already 18 (19 from korea)
    must dance to this song? c'mon~~ this song is just not right for she/he to dance.. lol

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