[NEWS] Sungmin In A Relationship With Sunny?


Super Junior’s Sungmin denied the rumour of being in a relationship with Sunny from Girls’ Generation. He gave an explanation on the rumour on MBC’s Radio Star, broadcasted on the 22nd

MC Kim Gura asked Sungmin “Are you in a relationship with Sunny? to which he replied ” We became close only after doing a radio programme”, in a way denying the rumours. Kim Gura mentioned “Sunny’s uncle, Lee Soo Man is wondering if both of you are dating” and that made Sungmin embarrassed.

TRAX’s Jungmo, who was there at the filming, revealed “Sungmin’s only close to Sunny and Sooyoung in Girls’ Generation” and “he teaches Sunny how to play the guitar” stressing on Sungmin and Sunny’s close friendship.

Sungmin also gave thanks to Lee Soo Man as “the man who help me achieve my dreams”.

source; mk & joynews24
translated by; carolyn @ sj-world.net


7 thoughts on “[NEWS] Sungmin In A Relationship With Sunny?

  1. thank god
    it just a rumors
    sungminniey is MINE!!!
    but donghaeniey is still my no 1

  2. you bet!!!
    He is MINE!!!!!

  3. sungmin and sunny look good together.

  4. no way. she can have anyone else in SuJu or DBSK except SUNGMIN, EUNHYUK AND DONGHAE

  5. sungming and sunny would be so cute!

  6. Will be a fictional relationship …..

  7. i want them together! i love sunsun! sana totoo nalng na magboyfriend sila!!

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