[MOD POST] Announcements & Reminders


ICEPLUSCOFFEE is currently looking for a contributor/staff member to keep ‘ICEPLUSCOFFEE’ up-to-date. We are also in need of TRANSLATORS, those who are  interested on translating Super Junior’s tweets, cyworld entries and some new articles. I need someone who has a wordpress account & has the time for updating daily; preferably those who have knowledge with basic html. If you are interested, please contact me through e-mail (icepluscoffee@yahoo.com) or through twitter(@icepluscoffee) :)


ON PAGES: I know some pages aren’t yet updated. Sorry, I’ll update those pages when I have enough time.

ON TAKING OUT ENTRIES : Again, please read the about page. I’ve seen other entries taken out from here without proper credits.

Please don’t remove or edit the credits and post it anywhere and credit us as the original source. It’s too unfair for those who have originally posted and translated the entries.


Darn. I know some did. Again, please DO NOT HOTLINK photos!

If you have any requests or questions, you can leave a comment here. =]


64 thoughts on “[MOD POST] Announcements & Reminders

  1. icepluscoffee, are you still in high school or college..
    if college, what course?

  2. i’m currently in college taking up Architecture.. :D

  3. wow! architecture..
    seems like you’re online now. haha!
    anyway. . i’ll be reading the other posts now..

  4. fanz of icepluscoffee

    Good Luck For Your Exams!!!

    We fans will Miss You~~~ XD

  5. SM Town Europe Project

    Hey there,
    I’m writing to you in the name of the SM Town Europe Project Team. Next week (July 15.) we’ll start the first European project for all the fans of SM Entertainment artists.

    We hope to convince SM Entertainment that the European market has a huge fanbase, so the artists will maybe hold a concert in Europe someday.

    SM Entertainment will get an envelope with a book full of SM Town Fans from all over Europe. How exactly it works you’ll see on the project website, that will be online next wednesday, the address we’ll give you after your answer when you`ve applyed to the project.

    This is an official invitation to participate in our project. We write to all the European fan sites of SM artists, and hope you and your members will be a part of it! If you know another SM artist fansite, blog or community please send them this email, so that we finally reach every fan in Europe.

    Please reply as soon as possible to the following address:

    (Should you not be a European fanpage, we are sorry that you can’t participate, we have found you online and weren’t sure about your location. As a small consolation, we offer you a Affiliate partnership with us, and if the project will be a huge success, then maybe there will be a global project soon!)

  6. Hi! I heard that they’ll be in Japan by August 1 and 2. Just thought I’d let you know. :)

  7. Hi! Which school do you go to? If you don’t mind :)

  8. @Mia..
    Oh, thanks for the info. I will update the post. :D

    I’m currently studying here in Ateneo Davao. You’re also from Philippines right?

  9. No problem!

    You go to ADDU? I’m planning on studying there next year.. if things don’t go well with UP. :)

  10. really? so you’re also from Davao?! ahaha. i’ll be glad to welcome there. haha

  11. Haha. No. But I live near Davao.. Butuan! My friends and I are thinking about studying there. :D

  12. OMG! I have cousins who go there! HAHA. They are taking up English studies, err something like that :)

    Is this okay? I’m turning it into a messenger. LOL

    Yeah, I’m from the Philippines too!

  13. @Mia,
    Oh my! tell me when you’re going to study there. haha!

    maybe I’m somehow acquainted to them.. I also know ‘some’ who are taking up Asian Studies. haha.. it’s okay to turn this post to messenger. I’m always happy to see new comments though.. ^^

  14. Yep. :)
    And it’s really cooool to see them hanging out. haha :)
    reminds me of the Chocoball group.

  15. Are they not going here?:( I really hope they will have a concert here in Manila. Wala po ba kayong balita dun?

  16. hey icepluscoffee,


    I love you!

  17. i just have one big concern…i just really don’t get it why they call it asian tour when they haven’t even finished up asia….hello there’s still philippines….it’s still in asia!! i’m going crazy here…i need suju to come here…they have a lot of fans here too…it’s always china,malaysia and thailand…. no offense to the chinese,malays and thai’s it’s just that i’m really annoyed…people who haven’t been visited by suju u should know how i feel…..pls. reply to this comment if you feel the same way too….thank you!!

  18. .. wow, i was surprised when I read that you’re studying in Ateneo Davao. I’m happy that you’re a filipino too! XDDD

  19. @ashley & :)

    If we want Korean Entertainment to take notice of Philippines, we have to support & buy their albums. If their market is good here, maybe.. just maybe.. Philippines will finally have the chance to be visited by Kpop artist. :)


    oh cool! your a filipino too. haha. uhm, what city are you from?

  20. http://www.channelv.com/rde/v/4344.htm

    I think you should go take a look!!!

    Anyway, 13 members went right?

  21. oh cool.
    thanks for the info.
    i’ve posted it. :)

  22. HEY!!!

    Super Girl’s mv is out alr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Oh , i just love your page.Whenever i get to read some articles here, my day just gets better. :) btw, where are you from? :)

  24. i didn’t do a good job in updating your blog… sorry :((

  25. Don’t feel sorry.
    I totally understand that you’re also busy in academics now. :)
    I always feel thankful to you for helping me out here :D
    So.. really.. don’t feel sorry because you didn’t do anything wrong..

  26. i love the new NOTICE image hahaha :D teukkie :)

  27. Actually I changed it to Teukie because you love him so much. haha.
    You know how Heechul-bias I am :)

  28. icepluscoffee,

    they are coming to malaysia? really? when?

  29. @m@t

    YEP. Malaysia is one of the confirmed cities for Super Show II.
    The date hasn’t been announced yet. Maybe on 2010 .. :)

  30. oh…(hyper)…my…(hyper)…I am so going haha. thanx for the confirmation @icepluscoffee

  31. err,im from msia.
    do you have the link to buy the tickets for super show online?

  32. hey icepluscoffee..
    im here because i well actually ELF need your help to advertise this..this is due to the MAMA award..well i think most of us knew about it already..please vote for super junior because now there’s some other group is leading..please please vote for them!!we need to gather up all of ELF energy to win this!!
    here is the instruction=

    1. you need to sign up first..you can see how to sign up in this video clearly..but in this video it stated that vote for ss501 well we can us it to vote for suju instead..

    IMPORTANT NOTE:please please remember to
    A-don’t use “sj”/”13” or any other things that related to super junior in your ID or PASSWORD!
    YES>> ID=glass001 PASS=chi123chi
    NO>> ID= sjforever/everlastingfriend13 PASS= chisj

    B-don’t create your ID and PASSWORD in ordering
    YES>> ID=glass001 PASS=wolf1wolf
    NO>> ID=glass001 PASS=glass002

    C-don’t end with numbers in your passwords
    YES>> ID=glass001 PASS=chi123chi
    NO>> ID=glass001 PASS=chichi123

    D-don’t use same password for all ID!!
    p/s with 1 email you can create up to 20 MNET accaunts(not sure but you can try)

    2.after you complete the sign up thingy..go to>>

    and at the bottom you can see super junior and at the right corner you’ll see the “vote” button and click it..after that you’ll have to sign in and press “vote” again and you’re done!!

    please please vote for them..and i hope all ELF will try to spread this to all SUPER JUNIOR’s forum you know..ELF hwaiting!!super junior hwaiting!!we can do this!!
    icepluscoffee..please please help to spread this!!let show them the power of international ELF..

    suju saranghae<333

  33. just asking silly questions..

    what actually HOTLINKS
    and why cannot..

  34. @LuRveHeeChul
    Oh my, sorry for the late reply :)
    I just read this comment.
    Anyway.. HOTLINKing is direct linking to a web site’s files. it means taking images, or other files and embedding it directly into a website. In other words, unauthorized use of someone else’s bandwidth. Hotlinked files are files Not stored on your own server.

    Example would be copying the contents(images) on this site and pasting it on another wherever it should be posted. Thus, you are using the my images instead of saving the pictures to your pc and uploading it to an image hosting site.

    If a lot of people will hotlink images from here, the image’s bandwidth would exceed leading to something like this which has happened before..



    Hope it answered your question :)

  35. hi icepluscoffee…

    im inah… im from manila philippines…

    pwede po bang magtanong?

    panu nyo po nagawa yung sa front page ng wordpress m…

    yung [MOD POST] mo po…??

    bago lang po ksi ako dito eh…

    and… pano po yung picture ng super junior sa taas??

    please help me… thanks! and advance merry christmas to you!

  36. oh my god!
    are they really coming to malaysia??

  37. @teukkioppa
    yung mod post, you have to make it as a sticky post.
    you can find that option on the right side when you edit/create a post.about the banner, you can have that one but it depends on what wp template you are using :)
    happy holidays!

    that was what the coordinators from each country said.

  38. oh, but are they confirmed already?
    not yet right?

  39. hello gurls.. (and guys)

    ive had a friend whos working in a event management company. she said that super junior is coming to malaysia. probably in march 2010. they’re working on it.

  40. hiiiiiiiii!
    ur blog is perfect^_^

    can i link u?
    plus can i know ur names?^_______^

  41. hey ..
    can i ask you something ?
    what is hotlink pictures ?
    thanks before ^^

  42. i understand already .
    hey , sorry .
    i used to hotlink your photos .
    really sorry , i didn’t mean to , because i really don’t know .
    sorry ..
    i’m not going to do that in the future ^^

  43. Hi :)
    I LOOOOOOVE your blog Unnie~
    you’re the best ♥
    I’ll support you~ :)
    SJ & icepluscoffee Unnie FIGHTING ♥

    ps : my english isn’t very good, sorry if I make mistakes. [I’m an ELF from France :P]

  44. sorry
    but do u know when 4th album comes?

  45. Hi, where can i email you at? I’d like to send you a link to something about how to properly buy album 4…so that the support can be made. ^_^
    love your blog, and thank you! :]

  46. Hello Icepluscoffee, I’m Kim Legaspi from Manila and I would like to say how grateful I am that you created this Super Junior Blog, I visit your fanbase every day for latest scoops and updates about Super Junior. I just can’t seem to missed every article in your blog, it’s so cool.

    Well, keep us updated always and A job well done.
    If only could promote this blog in whole Asia. Hehehe :)

    -Kim Legaspi

  47. @kimlee91210
    Hi Kim!! Thank you for visiting the blog! It’s nice that you enjoy it everyday. Icepluscoffee would be happy for your kind words. :)

  48. hello gurls.. (and guys)

    ive had a friend whos working in a event management company. she said that super junior is coming to malaysia. probably in march 2010. they’re working on it.

  49. Hola
    Boenas Tardes!

    your blog’s pictures is very interesting :)

  50. Hi! I heard that they’ll be in

  51. Attention: We are now at the 1st place (temporarily), but our sales of ver A has only 3000 copies more than the 2nd place.
    Other fans club in Korea will have bulk order again,so if you want to pave
    the way for SJ,don’t wait! Act now! Order Here: -> http://4jib.multiply.com/journal/item/40 Counted @ Hanteo don’t order from ur country or yesasia.

    Deadline Sept. 15, 2010.. Act now.. :)

    please spread..TT_TT

  52. Hey.,I’m from the Philippines too!!

  53. where did you get the picture for your header??the ones that heechul is at leeteuk’s back..i found that picture so interesting..it’s so sweet..thx for your help

  54. Hey I’m the creator of sup3rjunior wordpress, I waas thinking.. we could work together to create something better? as in you can have access to my wordpress if you want, & post things I miss out & vice versa.. also. I hope you don’t mind I took “READ WHY Golden…” image & the link is that okay?

  55. @uksujusid:

    YES, you can take out the “READ WHY Golden…” image & the link. :)
    Regarding the topic of working together, i’ll have to think about it. I’ll contact you personally after settling some things regarding this matter. I still need to discuss this with others(staff). :)

  56. i would like to ask about your post on the translator. are you still in need. i’m interested.

  57. @philtrumprince yes we are still in need :) if you’re interested please do email or tweet Icepluscoffee! thank you so much! hope you’ll join our team soon :)

  58. aoisasurai1527

    hello thanks for adding me ….

  59. a lot of SJ blogs has been popping out every once in a while..but, yours is still the best. I love how organized and neat your blog is. keep up the good work! i’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now ^^

  60. Hi…your blog is very update. i really like to read and see your blog. many videos i taken out from here when i found this blog. :)

  61. i want to apply !!.. ^^”

  62. @lady
    Hi!Thank you for your interest :) you may send an email to icepluscoffee or tweet her about your intention to help us :) I’ll also inform her :)

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